How Seniors Can Get Homebound?

Many seniors prefer to live independently over moving to a community or nursing home. However, what they usually overlook is the risk of getting homebound. How? Following are the major factors that can make older adults homebound.

Medical conditions – Many older adults suffer from medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and dementia. Such diseases affect their ability to move around, making it difficult for them to go out. In addition, some medications make them dizzy, another factor that affects their mobility.

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Mobility issues – Medical conditions and aging are the biggest reasons for seniors’ mobility issues. With aging, their strength weakens, their muscles, bones get weaker and their balance is affected too. With such issues, it can be difficult for them to move around or to go out.

Impairments – Hearing or visual impairments are other risk factors that make older adults homebound. With impairments, seniors can’t go out unless they have proper assistance. Seniors with impairments are at the higher risk of getting homebound due to their conditions and problems that follow.

Transportation – Due to visual impairments, aging and medical conditions, many older adults are unable to drive. As a result, they get homebound, unless someone provides them transportation assistance.

It is essential for families to know about their senior, their health, and medical conditions to make sure that they are not homebound. And, if they are, make sure to provide them the help they need to maintain their quality of life. Become a family caregiver or hire professionals for it.

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