How Michigan Families Find the Best Assisted Living Facilities for their Aging Parents

How Michigan Families Find the Best Assisted Living Facilities for their Aging Parents in Clinton Township

A recent article in the Detroit Free Press reported that Michigan is now aging faster than the rest of the US.

After crunching numbers from the US Census Bureau, Michigan Department of Transportation, and the University of Michigan’s Institute for Research on Labor, Employment, and the Economy, veteran demographer Kurt Metzger determined that Michigan seniors will outnumber children in 2025, which is half a decade sooner than this trend is expected to hit the rest of the US!

With Michiganders at the forefront of the Silver Tsunami, it’s little wonder that so many people are researching the best assisted living facilities in Clinton Township.

If you’re among them, today’s post is for you. Read on to learn a little bit about how to go about researching assisted living facilities, and find out whether our free placement service is right for you.

How to Find the Perfect Assisted Living Community in Michigan

Here are a few tips to help find and evaluate local assisted living facilities in Clinton Township, Michigan, courtesy of our assisted living placement team:

  • Make sure that assisted living is the right choice. There is no standard definition for assisted living facilities in Michigan, so you’ll find drastically different levels of care from one to the next. As a general rule, people with complex health problems or who need extensive support with basic activities of daily living (ADLs) often need more help than assisted living facilities provide.That said, some assisted living facilities are specifically designed to deal with more intensive health and lifestyle challenges. It really comes down to evaluating your loved one’s specific care needs and then seeing what places fit your criteria on a case-by-case basis.If you’re in doubt, our assisted living placement experts can help. If you discover that your needs can be met in the home with traditional senior care, we have a wide range of customizable home care options available.
  • Tour any facility up for consideration. Never commit to an assisted living facility without seeing it in person. You can stay for a meal to evaluate the food, talk to residents, and inspect the apartments.If you want help arranging a tour, contact our assisted living team. After scheduling a time that works for you, we will accompany you and your family, where we act as your care advocate and help you get answers to whatever questions you may have.
  • Ask detailed questions. Is there a washer and dryer? Does the facility offer laundry service, and if so, what will it cost? Is there TV and internet provided? What is the meal schedule? Are there regular social activities? What happens when you run out of money? What happens when cognitive abilities or health declines?Drill down on any questions you have. Do not leave anything to chance. If you need help creating a list of hard-hitting questions, we can help at no charge.
  • Prioritize assisted living facilities located near family. Housing your aging parents close to their adult children or other family members can make a world of difference for their mental health and happiness. It also keeps family close by in case of emergencies.If you need help finding assisted living centers close to your home in Clinton Township, Michigan, contact Always Best Care Clinton Township. After years serving the Clinton Township community, we’ve built an extensive professional network that includes dozens of high-quality local assisted living centers.

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