Home Care Assistance Makes Life Better for Michigan’s ‘Elder Orphans’

Home Care Assistance Makes Life Better for Michigan’s ‘Elder Orphans’

Today’s post discusses the implications of Michigan’s growing “elder orphan” population, and explains how home care assistance makes life better for seniors living alone without regular access to friends and family.

‘Elder Orphans’ Multiply in Clinton Township, Michigan

An “elder orphan” is someone who enters seniorhood without a close support system in place to help them with their needs as they age. In this case, the orphanhood does not refer to the loss of the seniors’ parents, but rather the lack of reliable access to spouses, children, grandchildren, or other friends and family.

Elder orphans live alone and typically do not have regular social interactions or visits from family or friends. As such, elder orphans are at high risk of the negative health effects of social isolation. Elder or phanhood is also associated with higher risk of serious injury and death compared to seniors receiving home care assistance from friends or family.

According to a 2016 study, roughly 22% of Americans over the age of 65 meet the criteria to be considered an elder orphan.

Recently, a 2017 study by the Milken Institute determined that Michigan had one of the highest concentrations of elder orphans. If you’re trying to coordinate remote care for a loved one at risk of “elder orphanhood,” you’re definitely not alone.

Fortunately, the study wasn’t all bad news: researchers also concluded that Michigan was one of the 20 best states for seniors to age alone. The study looked at 83 indicative criteria, among which Michigan’s home care assistance resources proved indispensable. Simply put, the quality of Michigan’s home care assistance put us on the list.

Home Care Assistance Promotes Successful Aging for Elder orphans

So what can we take from the Milken Institute’s finding? How exactly does home care assistance in Michigan make independent living better for “elder orphans”

We can only speak for our care service, but in our experience, these are a few of the ways that home care assistance helps:

  • Provide total peace of mind. 70% of surveyed senior orphans indicated that did not have anyone to call to assist with caring if needed. Imagine living without a safety net, not knowing for sure if you’d have somebody to help in case of emergency. That stress can literally take years off your life.Home care assistance provides complete peace of mind by giving Clinton Township seniors 24/7 access to qualified caregivers.
  • Improve access to transportation, improve mobility. In a recent study, only 50% of seniors living alone indicated that they had reliable access to transportation. Limited mobility multiplies the risk of social isolation that elder orphans already face.Our home care assistance team offers transportation and escort to social events, appointments, and other outings so your loved one can get out of the house without any safety concerns.
  • Prevent social isolation. Human beings are social creatures. If you’re too far away to visit regularly, our team can help!When your loved one needs someone to talk to and make life easier all at once, our companion caregivers truly shine. In addition to keeping your loved one company and assisting with their home care as needed, we can help them host or attend social events, escort them to community centers, and more.

Find the Best Home Care Assistance in Clinton Township, Michigan

Clinton Township residents have plenty of home care assistance resources at their disposal, but all adult children want the best for their parents. Reviews and testimonials tell one side of the story, but you’ll need to evaluate caretakers face-to-face to know you’ve made the right choice.

Before you commit to another care provider, sit down with a member of our team for a free care consultation. There’s nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Do your due diligence and find out why so many families in Clinton Township entrust us with the safety, comfort, and health of their loved ones.

Visit our website or call 586-203-2157 to book a free non medical senior care consultation with a member of our team!

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