Helping Senior Caregivers Find Work/Life Balance this Holiday Season

Helping Senior Caregivers Find Work/Life Balance this Holiday Season

Today’s post is all about helping senior caregivers in Clinton Township, Michigan avoid holiday overload.

About 41 million Americans are currently serving as senior caregivers for a loved one in need, according to AARP research, many of them Michiganians. And about one in six are doing so while juggling full-time careers and holiday hosting responsibilities in 2019. Next year that number climbs even higher.

Unfortunately, it’s quite common for these senior caregivers to cut back on community involvement, time with family and friends, and self-care. There are only so many hours in the day, and these givers are forced to make major sacrifices, particularly during the holidays when families come together.

Whether you’re looking for tips to balance work, family, and senior caregiving obligations this year, or you’re seeking respite services ASAP, read on to learn how Always Best Care Clinton Township can help.

Senior Caregiver Tips to Find Holiday Work/life Balance

  • The AARP recommends exploring workplace benefits for senior caregivers. Mindful of America’s aging population growth, a number of Michigan companies are cultivating workplace cultures that strive to offer family-friendly workplace policies. These might include flexible work options, such as compressed workweeks or modified daily schedules, job-sharing or telecommuting; counseling and support services, such as Employee Assistance Programs and other resources specifically for senior caregivers; and senior caregiver referrals to respite services like ours. Depending on your employer and applicable state laws, you might also consider using paid time off for caregiving, or apply for Family and Medical Leave.
  • It’s also important to build a senior caregiver community to share the elder care burden. The holidays provide many opportunities to reconnect with loved ones, which may help you locate some other eligible senior caregivers in the family. Look beyond family and friends too, making sure to explore all senior caregiver resources available to you at work, online, and throughout Clinton Township. If you need help building your senior caregiver community, get in touch with ABC Clinton Township for a free consultation and local resource round-up.
  • Know and avoid major holiday stressors. It’s hard enough to balance work and senior caregiver responsibilities without trying to live up to somebody else’s idea of a perfect holiday. If cooking for a big group, hosting the family dinner, or Christmas shopping are your big stressors, don’t do them. Lots of companies will cater your next holiday meal or host that New Year’s party for you, and gift cards and online shopping are the perfect solution for time-crunched senior caregivers. And if you’re already getting help from Always Best Care, try outsourcing these holiday pain points to our senior caregivers. We can help with holiday shopping, cleaning, cooking, caregiving, driving, and much more.
  • Most importantly, seek help when you need it. Senior caregiver burden poses real health risks and there’s no reason to make your holidays harder than they have to be. There is no shame in asking for help, and our respite services are flexible, easy to set up, and very affordable.

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