Getting Back To Normal: How Senior Caregivers Help Heal “Pandemic Trauma”

Getting Back To Normal: How Senior Caregivers Help Heal “Pandemic Trauma”

Today’s post reviews research on how the COVID-19 pandemic puts seniors at risk of social isolation, then explains how our senior caregivers help to heal “pandemic trauma.”

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Pandemic Protocols Leave Lasting Impact On Lonely Seniors In Clinton Township, MI

While many older adults have maintained healthy social lives and community connections through the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks in large part to the support of senior caregivers like ours, a new national survey by the University of Michigan found that over half (56%) of dependent seniors ages 50 through 80 “felt isolated from others… as the pandemic forced a statewide shelter-in-place order.” That is more than twice as many people who reported feelings of loneliness and isolation pre-pandemic.

And while homebound seniors had it rough, those living in care centers, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities bore the brunt of the “pandemic trauma” brought on by these isolating safety restrictions. According to a new report by Bridge Michigan, an estimated 40,000 nursing home residents were isolated for over a year, without the touch of their loved ones, after the state prohibited outside visitors to care facilities in March 2020 (Roelofs, 2022).

But while safety protocols are now lifting in many parts of Michigan, the effects of senior isolation are long-lasting. These include heightened risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, a weakened immune system, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, and even death (Roelofs, 2022).

Fortunately, social support is available, even if your loved ones live alone and your family or work life leaves little time to visit. Read on to learn a few ways we’re helping seniors maintain their social wellness, heal pandemic trauma, and get back to normal in a nearly post-pandemic world, or call (586)-690-7500 to speak directly with a senior caregiver coordinator near you.

Get Social: Healing “Pandemic Trauma” With Senior Caregivers

These are just a few of the ways we’re helping seniors socialize and get back to normal in a nearly post-pandemic world:

  1. Senior caregivers provide meaningful conversation and companionship, anytime, anywhere. Our companionship care services are always available, so your loved ones never need to live with feelings of loneliness or isolation, whether they’re stuck at home, recovering in the hospital, or venturing out into the Clinton Township community to run errands. If your loved ones’ social skills are a bit rusty, chatting with senior caregivers is a great place to start.
  2. Senior caregivers help coordinate visits with friends and family. It’s time for families to gather and make memories once again, and our senior caregivers can help make that happen, whether you need somebody to call and coordinate schedules, provide transportation to-and-from events, or assist with hosting at home.
  3. Senior caregivers help older adults ease back into outings. If it’s been awhile since your loved ones left home, they might be feeling a bit worried or reluctant to do so, whether that’s because they’re intimidated by crowds or concerned about COVID-19 infection.

    But while it’s important that we stay safe, so too must we make the effort to get back out there and live our lives, and our senior caregivers are here to help. We can enforce COVID-19 safety protocols, making sure people maintain social distance from your loved ones, and we’ll make sure to bring masks, hand sanitizer, and anything else your mom or dad needs to feel comfortable.

    And if you’re not ready to dive back into daily life just yet, we can also research COVID-safe social outings, restaurants, and activities in Clinton Township, so they get all the social benefits with none of the risks.

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