COVID-19 Elderly Care: The Ultimate Intervention For Isolated Seniors

COVID-19 Elderly Care: The Ultimate Intervention for Isolated Seniors

The pandemic has put a major strain on seniors’ social lives, but our COVID-19 elderly care services can help you reconnect with your friends, family, and community members.

Read on to learn how we help seniors socially distance without the risks of social isolation, or call (586)-690-7500 to speak directly with a COVID-19 elderly care specialist.

Clinton Township Seniors Face High Risk Of Social Isolation During COVID-19

According to research by the American Association of Retired Persons’ Connect2Affect campaign:

  • 17% of adults age 65 and older are socially isolated
  • 46% of women age 75 and older live alone
  • Subjective feeling of loneliness increases risk of early death by 26%

These statistics echo countless studies showing the detrimental effects that loneliness and social isolation can have on the mental and physical health of older adults.

What’s more, much of the research on the risks of social isolation was published pre-pandemic, before seniors were forced to socially distance en masse. In other words, it’s only gotten worse; as new research by the journal of Global Health and Research Policy suggests, shelter-in-place orders have had a “profound impact on older adults’ health and well-being,” greatly increasing their risks of social isolation and loneliness.

Of course, for seniors, the alternative—flouting precautions and exposing themselves to COVID-19 infections—was never an option, so sheltering-in-place became something of a necessary evil.

But with the help of our COVID-19 elderly care service, your loved ones will never have to sacrifice their social health for the sake of their physical well-being. We let you have your cake and eat it too, minimizing both the risks of infection and social isolation with a complete continuum of physical, mental, and social supports, all of which can be delivered right to the home while you shelter-in-place. In fact, COVID-19 elderly care services might be the ultimate intervention for those at risk of isolation.

Read on to learn more about how we help seniors stay connected with their communities, or call (586)-690-7500 to start a free COVID-19 elderly care consultation straight away.

COVID-19 Elderly Care Boosts Social Wellness For Isolated Seniors

These are just a few of the ways our COVID-19 elderly care services reduce the risks of loneliness and social isolation for older adults during the pandemic:

  • Offer COVID-safe companionship and conversation, anytime and anywhere
  • Purchase pets for companionship and assist with pet care
  • Assist with correspondence, email, telephone calls, and video chats to stay connected with friends and family
  • Facilitate COVID-safe visits with friends and family by enforcing COVID-19 precautions
  • Connect seniors with AARP Michigan’s Virtual Events (e.g. purchase webcams, assist with computer or smartphone setup, register for events, etc)
  • Check-in regularly with your loved ones to ensure they have everything they need
  • Provide personalized respite care services to give overburdened caregivers a chance to reconnect with loved ones

Free Quote On COVID-19 Elderly Care Services In Clinton Township, MI

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