Building Breast Cancer Awareness: Top-4 FAQ for Seniors

Building Breast Cancer Awareness: Top-4 FAQ for Seniors in Clinton Township

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Always Best Care Clinton Township, so we decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions seniors have about breast cancer risk, examinations, and prevention.

Read on to increase your breast cancer IQ and discover how our non medical home care service helps keep Michigan families in the fight against cancer!

How Often Should I Conduct a Breast Self Exam (BSE)?

The National Breast Cancer Foundation recommends monthly BSEs. Look for any changes in breast tissue, including changes in size, feeling a palpable lump, dimpling, puckering, inversion of the nipple, redness or scaliness of the breast skin or nipple/areola area, or discharge from the nipple.

If you detect any changes, especially a persistent lump, it is critical that you see a physician immediately. 8 out of 10 lumps are benign, but all require evaluation!

If you need help getting your loved one safely to their physician, we can help. We offer complete transportation, escort, ongoing support and safety monitoring for any day-trips, errands, or appointments. And we can also help with planning, scheduling, follow-up confirmation calls, and more.

Can Physical Activity Reduce Breast Cancer Risk?

Yes. Research by the National Breast Cancer Foundation has shown that exercise boosts immune system function and helps maintain a healthy weight, both of which are linked to decreased breast cancer risk.

As little as 3 hours of exercise per week–only 30 minutes per day–is enough to start lowering mom’s breast cancer risk. And you don’t need a gym membership, either–a gentle walk around the neighborhood is more than enough!

If you’re currently splitting your senior care responsibilities with a non medical home care team, ask them to add 30 minutes of gentle walking, gardening, or any other enjoyable activity to their daily visit. This is a common request, and one we’re happy to oblige. We also provide transportation to senior fitness classes, if that’s more your style!

Can a Healthy Diet Help to Prevent Breast Cancer?

Yes. The National Breast Cancer Foundation recommends a nutritious, low-fat diet (30 grams or less) with plenty of fresh fruits and colorful vegetables. Choose lean and unprocessed proteins, such as fish and chicken, whenever possible.

Don’t let your busy schedule stand in the way of your loved one’s healthy eating. We believe Michigan seniors deserve better than convenience foods, which is why we include complete grocery shopping, meal preparation, serving, and clean-up as part of our non medical home care services. All your loved one needs to do is come to the table with an appetite, and the rest is taken care of!

Does Smoking Cause Breast Cancer?

Smoking is a confirmed risk factor for many types of cancer, including breast cancer, according to a 2012 study city by researchers at the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Get in touch with our team if you need more help coordinating your loved one’s smoking cessation plan. We can assist with your planning, monitoring, encouragement, and reporting, in addition to picking up any quitting products that may be required.

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