Beginner’s Guide To Respite Care In Clinton Township, MI

Beginner’s Guide to Respite Care in Clinton Township, MI

According to research by the University of Michigan, an estimated 36 million adults now provide unpaid care to someone age 65 or older, and most are at risk of caregiver burnout. But respite care solutions are available.

Today’s post reviews some of the different reasons caregivers seek respite, and details 6 different forms of respite care. Read on or call  (586)-690-7500 for a free respite care consultation in Clinton Township, MI.

What Is Respite Care?

The National Institute on Aging defines respite care as a “substitute carer” arrangement that provides short-term relief for primary caregivers. Respite care can be arranged in any care environment—at home, in a healthcare facility, at an adult day center, or out and about—and for as much or as little time as you need, whether that’s “just an afternoon or for several days or weeks.”

Common forms of respite care include:

  • In-home respite care for individuals who need help with basic household care and the activities of daily living
  • Companionship care for individuals at risk of social isolation
  • Centre-based respite care, which usually takes place at an adult day center
  • Residential respite care for individuals staying in aged care homes
  • Transition care for individuals recovering from acute and sub-acute care in a hospital, aimed at improving the individual’s independence and confidence
  • Emergency respite care for individuals whose family caregivers are suddenly unavailable due to health issues, career obligations, etc

Do I Need Respite Care?

These are a some of the common signs family caregivers can benefit from respite care:

  • Declining health or injury—In one study titled “The Physical and Mental Health Effects of Family Caregiving,” Dr. Richard Schulz and Paula Sherwood concluded that caregiver burden creates “chronic stress, which compromises caregiver’s physical and psychological health.” If you feel sick, achy, and rundown, it’s time for a break. Physical injuries are another sign that you may be overextending yourself.
  • Irritability or impatience—When the chronic stress of caregiving starts to take its toll, you may find your patience wearing thin. If you feel yourself getting worked up by things you used to take in stride, you could be on the verge of a caregiver burnout.
  • Depressive symptoms—”Depression is one of the most common negative effects of caregiving,” writes Schilz & Sherwood (2008). If you’ve been feeling down lately, it might be time to seek respite care.
  • Making mistakes—Catching yourself slipping up more than usual? You might have too many plates spinning—or you might just need some sleep for a change. Respite care services can help.
  • Missing out on life—If you’re consistently missing time with friends and family, and the very notion of me time leaves you feeling guilty, it’s time to consider respite care.

Where To Find Respite Care In Clinton Township, MI

For the last 11 years, Always Best Care of Macomb County has been a leading provider of respite care solutions for families throughout the Clinton Township and the surrounding areas, including:

  • New Baltimore
  • Sterling Heights
  • Mount Clemens
  • Chesterfield
  • Harrison Charter Township, and beyond

Whatever kind of respite care you need, and wherever you need it, Always Best Care is here to help.

To book a free respite care consultation, call (586)-690-7500 or visit the Always Best Care of Macomb County website to schedule online.

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