Assisted Living Placements in Clinton Township, Michigan

More seniors in Clinton Township are seeking assisted living placements than ever before.

From 1992 to 1998, the number of older persons living in assisted living facilities and other residential care settings greatly increased (from 266,706 to 416,768), while the number in nursing homes declined somewhat (from 1,413,596 to 1,346,119). Since then, this trend has intensified, fueled by the baby boomer cohort that began turning 65 en masse in 2011.

But assisted living isn’t exclusively for seniors. In fact, up to 14% of the assisted living population is made up of younger adults.

Whatever your needs, ABC Clinton Township’s free assisted living placement service can help.

Assisted Living Communities in Clinton Township, Michigan

According to the Compendium of Residential Care and Assisted Living Regulations and Policy: 2015 Edition, assisted living centers in Clinton Township, Michigan are broadly defined under one of two licensure terms:

  1. Homes for the aged, which generally refer to personal care facilities, other than hotels, AFC homes, hospitals, nursing homes, or county medical care facilities, that provide supervised personal care to 21 or more individuals aged 60 or older. Homes for the aged operating in conjunction with licensed nursing homes may serve 20 or fewer adults.
  2. Adult foster care (AFC), which includes three categories: family homes that serve up to 6 residents (licensee resides in the home); small group homes that serve 1-12 residents; and large group homes that serve 13-20 residents.

Beyond these formal licensure terms, senior housing may be referred to as:

  • Independent and assisted living communities
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia care homes
  • Residential care homes (also known as board and care)
  • Skilled nursing facilities, and more.

With so many options to consider, choosing the right home can be a daunting task.

Free Assisted Living Placements in Clinton Township

Whatever your assisted living needs, Always Best Care Clinton Township can help.

We offer 100% free assisted living placement services for Clinton Township residents.

First, we schedule a family consultation to discuss your loved one’s unique care needs, preferences, and budget. Next, we match our clients to the top 3-4 assisted living centers in Clinton Township, Macomb County, and Metro Detroit. Then we personally escort your family on a tour of the shortlisted facilities, advocating for you every step of the way.

And if you aren’t satisfied, we simply start over–there’s never any obligation, and you don’t pay a cent.

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What qualifies me for Assisted Living in Clinton Township, MI?

The cost, eligibility requirements, and services offered by assisted living centers in Clinton Township, MI vary drastically from one facility to the next. For the most accurate information, please contact an Always Best Care representative in Clinton Township, MI to provide you with locally relevant details. All assisted living consultations are 100% free and there is never any obligation to use one of our referrals–we just want to help your loved one find the care they need in Clinton Township, MI.

Is there government assistance for Assisted Living in Clinton Township, MI?

The answer depends on a number of unique factors. Assisted living policies vary widely depending on your location. Moreover, your eligibility for assistance depends entirely on your policy. There are many different types of insurance and Medicare. Furthermore, certain individuals will be eligible for veteran’s assistance or Medicaid. For instance, if your loved one has “spent down” their assets, they may be eligible for Medicaid, which can assist with the costs of assisted living and other senior health services. Contact your Always Best Care representative in Clinton Township, MI for help determining your eligibility for government assistance and finding quality assisted living.

Can you work with assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and retirement residences in Clinton Township, MI?

Yes. Wherever private senior care services are allowed, Always Best Care of Clinton Township, MI are standing by to help. In this way, we ensure that all residents of Clinton Township, MI receive exceptional senior care service, regardless of their home care environment. One of the most common ways we work with assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and retirement residences is aiding with transitions. Whether you’re loved one is moving in or out of an assisted living facility, nursing home, or retirement residence, it’s important that their care service remains undisrupted. Our senior care service guarantees seamless transitions between care environments, and keeps seniors compliant with discharge plans and doctor’s orders.