4 Ways Senior Care Improves Money Management In Clinton Township, MI

4 Ways Senior Care Improves Money Management in Clinton Township, MI

Private senior care costs money, but it can help you save and manage money, too. Read on to learn 4 ways our senior care team can enhance your loved one’s money management practices, or call (586)-690-7500 to speak directly with a senior care coordinator in Clinton Township, MI.

1.  Simplify Expense Tracking With Senior Care Services

The foremost tip for money management at any age is to make a budget and stick to it. And with the help of our senior care team, that’s easier than ever.

At your request, we can assist your loved one with expense tracking, whether that means driving them to the bank to set up a separate account for budgeting, or helping them install one of the many wonderful money-tracking apps that exist today, like PocketGuard, Mint, and Budget Simple. We also help organize bills, receipts, and other important paperwork to simplify end-of-month tallies.

2.  Improve Financial Literacy With Senior Care Services

The greater your financial literacy, the better your chances of meeting your money management goals. And while our senior care providers are not qualified to give financial advice, we can connect your loved ones to somebody who is! For example, the Clinton Township senior center is frequently hosting virtual educational events, many of which center on senior money management, and our senior care team can help you register, log-in, and connect to these courses.

Whatever resources your loved one needs to improve financial literacy—virtual instruction, books, consultations with banks or wealth management firms, and so on—we can provide. We’ll schedule the appointment, pick up the book, or drive your loved one to the meeting, all as part of their regular care service.

3.  Scam-Proof Mom And Dad With Senior Care Services

Unfortunately, scammers frequently target seniors, particularly those who live alone with a nest egg. Just last year, a Metro Detroit widow lost $30,000 to Geek Squad imposters using the infamous “refund scam” (Baldas, 2020).

Fortunately, all scams are preventable, and our senior care service is one of the best ways to “scam-proof” mom and dad. For the duration of our senior care visit, we will act as a buffer to stop con-artists from connecting with your loved ones, monitoring email and social media use, answering the phone, and getting the door. We can also help your loved one become more aware of scam tactics, which are frequently the subject of senior center lectures, and we’ll alert family caretakers of any suspicious new relationships or unusual spending.

4.  Stop Blowing The Budget On Fast Food With Senior Care Services

American seniors spend almost $1200 per year on fast food, according to one study by Ask Your Target Market, and 67% do it because “it is convenient.”

By taking care of all the shopping, meal preparation, and clean-up, we give your loved ones all the health benefits and savings of home-cooking, with all the convenience of fast food. They won’t miss their takeout meals, nor will they miss spending all that extra money!

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