3 Ways Scammers Use to Con Seniors Out of Money

Frauds and scams are becoming a daily occurrence in news. Unfortunately, seniors often become a victim of scams and frauds. Reason – they are more trusting and vulnerable. The best way to ensure protection from frauds is to know about them.

Following are the common ways scammers use to con older adults out of money.

Using emotions to lure seniors – Scammers use seniors’ vulnerable emotional state to lure them out and con them. They target the common emotions of seniors like financial security, investments, the wish to travel and the hope for good health. They use tactics like offering a free vacation or cruise, losing weight without exercising etc. They may also use tactics like fake news to get an emotional arousal from older adults. Then they ask for money and donations to help the victims of fake news.

Urgency – It’s another way that con artists can use to fish out money from your aging loved one. They create a sense of urgency and lead seniors to think that if they don’t act now, they will miss out on an amazing opportunity.

Credibility – Scammers understand that many older adults won’t believe them unless they have credibility. This is the reason why they use names of recognized organizations, government agencies, charities or companies. Their purpose is to give a sense of legitimacy and earn seniors’ trust.

Your aging loved one is probably at the risk of scams too. To protect them, you should ensure that they are aware of such dangers. Make sure they are not vulnerable to scammers due to isolation, and depression. Visit them often to stay involved in their lives. In your absence, make sure they have caregivers to care for them and to keep an eye on them.

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