3 Ways In-Home Care Helps Seniors Live Better In Clinton Township, MI

3 Ways In-Home Care Helps Seniors Live Better in Clinton Township, MI

Today’s post reviews research on the state of senior living conditions in Clinton Township, Michigan, then explains how our in-home care team is helping seniors live better throughout the Great Lakes State.

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Study Shows Seniors Need Support To Age-In-Place In Clinton Township, MI

If your loved ones plan to age-in-place, growing old in the comfort of their homes instead of an institutional care setting, they will probably need a little help.

Why? Because according to a new nationwide report by the Seniorly Resource Center in San Francisco, senior living conditions in Michigan are among the worst in the country, with only Nevada receiving a lower score than the Great Lakes State (Keenan, 2022).

Seniorly compared the states based on 12 different factors, such as mental health, physical health, and senior-friendly housing, with a best possible score of 306. Michigan scored only 86.1 points.

3 Ways In-Home Care Helps Seniors Live Better in Clinton Township, MI

Michigan seniors face some of the poorest living conditions in the country—but in-home care teams can make all of the difference.

But don’t worry—if your loved ones plan to age-in-place in Clinton Township or any of the surrounding communities, our in-home care teams can help. In fact, our in-home care services are designed to improve all 12 factors upon which the Seniorly study based its rankings, so you can live carefree and support your loved one’s aging goals without waiting for statewide living conditions to improve.

Read on to learn a few ways we help seniors live better in any care setting, or call (586)-690-7500 to start an in-home care consultation straight away.

3 Ways In-Home Care Helps Seniors Live Better In Clinton Township, MI

  1. Improve mental health with in-home care services. In addition to providing daily stress-reduction and peace of mind through qualified support and safety monitoring, our in-home care teams offer many services to protect seniors from the risks of social isolation, which have only increased since the COVID-19 pandemic forced citizens to shelter-in-place. Alongside on-demand companionship, we facilitate visits with friends and family, help seniors find and attend social events at their local senior center, and simplify virtual hangouts with out-of-town relatives and COVID-conscious members of your social network.

    Since we are involved in your loved one’s daily care, we are also perfectly positioned to spot emerging symptoms of mental illness or health problems, and we can connect your loved ones with professional help as needed.

  2. Improve physical health with in-home care services. Our in-home care team takes a comprehensive approach to improving your loved one’s physical health. We can buy or cook fresh, healthy meals according to your unique dietary preferences; we can monitor or limit the use of unhealthy substances in the home, such as cigarettes or alcohol; we eliminate the risks of medication misuse through stringent monitoring; we facilitate more restorative sleep by implementing bedtime routines; and we create more opportunities for safe exercise, whether your loved ones need a ride to their favorite class, or a workout partner to join them on a gentle walk.
  3. Improve home safety with in-home care services. Our in-home care teams can remove slip-and-fall hazards, help install mobility aids, enhance fire safety, improve indoor air quality, reduce the risks of COVID-19 infection in the home, and take care of most home maintenance.

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For over 12 years, Always Best Care has been helping seniors live better and age-in-place on their terms with personalized in-home care solutions, including:

  • Companionship care to keep seniors happy, healthy, and socially active
  • Home helper services to empower seniors, enhance comfort, and increase independence
  • Personal care services to assist with activities of daily living and keep seniors safe in any care setting

Whatever you choose, we guarantee personalized service plans, qualified caregivers, and no long-term contracts or 4-hour minimums.

Our in-home care services are available throughout Clinton Township and the surrounding areas, including the communities of:

  • Harrison Charter Township
  • Sterling Heights
  • Chesterfield
  • Mount Clemens
  • New Baltimore, and beyond

To learn more about how we can help your loved ones live better, you can:


Keenan, T. (2022, May 11). Study: Michigan Ranks Near Bottom for Living Conditions for Older Adults. DBusiness: Detroit’s Premier Business Journal.

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