Senior Care in Rockville

As part of the larger Baltimore-Washington area, Rockville, Maryland provides the adventures associated with our nation’s capital, but allows its residents to enjoy the peace of living in a smaller community. Rockville has a vast history that stretches back thousands of years to the citizens of today, who have built a city rich in cultural, educational, and well-being resources. Individuals who have developed a connection here deserve to enjoy their senior years where they put down their roots. Home care in Rockville, MD provided by Always Best Care Senior Services allows them that right.

Our bonded, insured caregivers have undergone an extensive background check, and are trained to provide exemplary non-medical care. Our services could involve a simple once-a-week visit that provides some needed friendship, or could provide constant companionship all day, every day if needed. Social services can entail relaxing and enjoying the Monday night game on TV, a small getaway lunch at the corner diner, or even an evening at the theater. If our clients wish, we can even help them entertain in their own homes. We can also assist with other aspects of daily life by providing transportation for, or running errands. We can help with hygiene and housekeeping tasks and supervise or provide meals, making sure the food on hand is appropriate and fresh. We can ensure that Medical appointments are kept, and medicine is dispensed at the proper times. We are also on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to help with unforeseen complications, emergencies, and to allow individuals to speak with health care professionals if they wish.

Our workers are equipped with knowledge, resources, and the compassion to deal with the needs of different dementia cases, including Alzheimer’s. Almost five and a half million individuals in our country have been afflicted with this devastating disease, and the numbers are growing. We know how to deal with its progressive nature, providing emotional support, and addressing evolving safety and personal concerns. We recognize the importance of routine and familiarity for those struggling with the decline of their mental faculties, to allow them the comfort of well-known surroundings for as long as possible.

Individuals, family members, and loved ones considering senior care in Rockville, MD can speak with one of our knowledgeable care coordinators to determine the best way to provide the necessary care. Always Best Care can provide a routine tailored to the needs and wants of the individual, and each care plan allows for flexibility, as needs change over time. Allow us to help you give yourself, or a loved one, the quality lifestyle they deserve.