Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

To most, winter provokes images such as snowmen, open fires, and cozy nights in. If you’re a senior in home care in Potomac MD, however, you’d be forgiven for associating winter with one thing only: the cold weather.

That’s because the drop in temperatures can have an adverse effect on a senior’s health in more ways than one. Not only are there the added physical dangers that winter brings, such as an increased risk of falling and the flu, but also the mental health risks associated with spending more time indoors in isolation.

Making sure a senior makes it through the season in good health is as much about preparation as it is common sense. To help give a senior the best chance, we’ve come up with 4 basic safety tips, below:

Wear Walking Boots

Sneakers or loafers are best to avoid at this time of year, as they do not provide the necessary grip or protection from the elements.

A waterproof, walking boot with a thick, rubber sole will give seniors the best chance of avoiding a fall in slippery conditions and will help to keep their feet rather toasty at the same time.

Spread Salt

Seniors that have sloped driveways are in great danger of slipping at this time of the year due to ice that often forms overnight.

One of the easiest ways to reduce this risk is by spreading a salt pathway every other evening down to the bottom of their drive. The salt helps to reduce the freezing temperature of water, meaning that there is less chance of ice forming where it is spread. This in turn should provide a senior with a safe way of leaving and entering their house every day throughout the winter.

Put on Moisturizer

If a senior’s skin becomes inflamed during any cold weather thanks to a condition such as eczema, it can lead to the blood vessels in the skin swelling in an attempt to send warm blood near to the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, this is the exact opposite of what the body should be doing to keep warm, as with the blood closer to the skin, the body’s source of heat generally evaporates into the cold air more quickly.

Start Volunteering

Keeping physically active over winter can be a challenge, but with a number of organizations around Potomac looking to take on volunteers this winter, there are plenty of ways to ensure a senior does so.

Along with the obvious physical benefits, a volunteering position will also introduce a senior to a whole new social circle and provide them with an incredible feeling of self-worth.

If there’s one sure-fire way of beating the winter blues for a senior, volunteering is it.

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