Strategies for Boosting Brain Health

Your brain is the most important part of your body.  It’s the thing that makes you, you.   This is why conditions related to dementia can be so upsetting to the sufferer and to the loved ones around them.

Getting seniors to join in on activities that boost their brain health can slow down the onset of dementia and other conditions that can lead to a cognitive decline.  Here are a few examples of activities that they can participate in:

  • Exercise– Keeping the body moving keeps the brain working efficiently. Exercise also causes the brain to release powerful chemicals that are associated with wellness, mood, and learning abilities.
  • Reading – For the times that you are not active, reading is a simple activity that will keep your brain ‘moving’. It’s up to you what you read!  If you want to make it challenging, read something complex; if your mind tends to wander when looking at complicated books, then just pick up a magazine and relax a little.  As long as you are reading, the subject matter doesn’t make a difference.
  • Puzzles or Games – This is another great way to keep the brain active. Whether you’re doing a traditional jigsaw puzzle or playing a popular, modern game like Sudoku, challenging the brain keeps it healthy.  If you receive home care in Potomac, then why not challenge your Caregiver to a game of chess or checkers?
  • Socializing – If you’re able to, getting out and about is just about the easiest way to keep the brain active. Participating in natural conversations keeps the brain thinking about responses.  Interacting with people and leaving the house also puts you in a better mood, which in turn combats the potential for loneliness and depression.
  • Learning New Things – Always wanted to learn a new skill? It’s never too late, and your brain will certainly welcome the challenge.  From learning to play the piano to simply teaching yourself how to bake a different kind of cake, the possibilities are endless.  You can learn things at home, or you can join various groups or clubs around town!

Keeping your brain active and healthy is as important as keeping the rest of your body healthy.  Remember to consider your brain health every day.

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