Helping Loved Ones with Dementia Feel More Included

Dementia can be a very tough disease for people to cope with, both from a sufferer’s point of view and for the people around them.  They have days where they are very confused, disconnected and unable to deal with simple tasks.  They also have days of perfect clarity, when they act and behave in exactly the same way as they have always done.  Sometimes it is the days of clarity which are harder to deal with.

A diagnosis of dementia should not be considered as a major game changer to family life.  Indeed, it is actually in the best interests of the sufferer that everything continues as normal.  If they have a regular routine then let them stick to that as far as possible.  Routines are vital to keep a dementia sufferer free from anxiety or confusion.

If you have a family then it is important to get together as often as possible and in every possible respect, treat the dementia sufferer exactly the same as you would have before.  In other words, ensure that they join in with activities as much as they always would have.

If you are having a conversation then make sure they are involved.  If they don’t involve themselves voluntarily then encourage them into the conversation by asking questions.  Dementia sufferers can become withdrawn and it is important to try and ensure that this doesn’t happen.

If the subject matter isn’t interesting to them then change it to one that is.  Encourage them to tell stories from their past.  Encouraging them to work their brains to access past memories is very important to their ongoing mental health.

When going out for the day, ensure that you choose activities that are fun for the whole family and will encourage everyone’s participation.  Go to places or do activities which your loved one has a large amount of knowledge about.  Grandparents love to teach their knowledge to the younger generation and grandchildren love to hear it.  Teaching and learning are also things that keep brains healthy which has a positive effect of dementia sufferers.

If your loved one has in-home care in Potomac then ensure you work closely together with their highly trained caregiver, to always make your loved one feel as included as possible.

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