How Can You Reduce The Risk Of Dementia?

Dementia or Alzheimer’s are the diseases that affect a patient’s mental abilities, memories etc. These medical conditions can turn patients and their families’ lives upside down. But, do you know that you can avoid dementia? With some changes in your lifestyle, you might be able to reduce the risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Here are some tips for it.

Eat healthy – In your retirement years, you need to maintain a healthy diet, which is filled with nutrients. Eating fruits and vegetables is advised. And, avoid drinking too much alcohol. If you smoke, then it might be a good idea to quit this bad habit now.

Exercise – Exercising regularly is another tip that you should consider following. Exercise improves not only your physical health, but also mental health.

Increase mental stimulation – Dementia and Alzheimer’s are the diseases that attack the brain. By keeping your mind active, even in the twilight years, you can avoid these medical conditions. Play games, solve puzzles to keep yourself occupied. You will need an active social life too, as socialization increases mental stimulation. Participate in social activities and games that improve cognitive abilities. And, avoid stress.

There might be a chance that some other disease or aging stops you from maintaining this lifestyle. But there is a solution for that too. If you struggle to complete daily living tasks, then you can hire in home senior care providers from a noted firm in Aberdeen. Always Best Care is a recognized name for senior care services in the region.

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