5 Tips to Reduce Stress & Keep Your Heart Happy

February is Heart Health month and one of the best ways to keep your heart happy (and healthy) is to reduce stress in your everyday life.

Stress is a natural reaction to react to a new or demanding situation. However, when stress starts weighing on your mental and physical health, it’s time to learn some coping skills. With constant (or chronic) stress, your body remains in high gear off and on for days or weeks at a time. Chronic stress can harm your heart.

We’ve summarized a few easy tips for you to manage stress. Share these tips with everyone in your life, with special attention to your aging loved ones.

  1. Puppy Playdate If your loved one is partial to pets, consider planning a weekly visit. Consider borrowing a friend’s pet that likes to play and/or likes to snuggle. It’s scientifically proven that pet therapy can have significant benefits.
  2. Jot it Down Identify what is bothering you and write it down to begin the process of finding a solution. It can be helpful for you At Always Best Care Senior Services, we believe that an educated, informed consumer makes the best decisions.or your loved one to talk with a friend about what’s on your mind.
  3. Indulge Life is always going to come at us in cycles of peaks and valleys. The anticipation of something pleasant can let us see the light at the end of the tunnel. Make a plan for a bit of joy (big or small) – an upcoming visit, a new recipe or a favorite movie.
  4. Reflect Consider the positive things in life and practice deep breathing until you feel yourself calming. Everyone has something to be grateful for.
  5. Move It Exercising regularly can help reduce fatigue, improve concentration, and enhance your overall cognitive function. Even just taking a brisk walk outside to get some fresh air can make a big difference.

This February, make a change to keep your heart healthy.