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At Always Best Care of Greater Boston, we specialize in providing personalized, non-medical care for seniors who wish to remain in the comfort of their own homes. With a team of over 500 Certified Nursing Assistants, our talented staffing coordinators will work to find you the perfect care giving solution in a timely manner. We quickly arrange a schedule that works for you - hourly, overnight, or live-in. Each client has an individualized care plan which ensures that they receive consistent high quality care and services that allow them to safely remain their own environment. All of our caregivers have passed through our rigorous screening process and are bonded, insured, and background checked. For those that are interested in senior housing options, we can help you with our complimentary assisted living placement service. Please contact us today for a free in-home consultation.

Senior Care in Greater Boston

Employees are our own - no contractors | Caregivers are thoroughly screened, trained and insured | Free assessments and community referral services | No hourly minimums or contracts.

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Are your staff that deliver senior care in Belmont insured and bonded?

Yes. We guarantee that all of our staff that provide home care in Belmont are fully insured, bonded, and even covered by Worker's Compensation.
We take all of these precautions not only to protect the seniors in our care but also to help attract some of the best talent in the county to come and work on behalf of our company.

How are your staff that provide elderly care in Belmont vetted?

Vetting plays a large part in the reason why we're renowned as one of the most reliable providers of senior care in Belmont.
By taking a strict approach to our recruitment process, we're able to have complete faith in the people we employ. Each applicant, for example, has to pass a criminal background check and a random drug test to be even considered for a role with Always Best Care.
We also speak to references directly and try to verify any stats or qualifications claimed on an applicant's resume.
This is all used alongside a traditional interview process to better assert as to whether or not the candidate has the experience, integrity, and character to carry out the role to the high standards that we expect.

What hours do your staff provide in-home care in Belmont?

24/7. That's right, you no longer have to worry about having to fit your work or social responsibilities around your caring duties, as with Always Best Care, you can count on us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We believe that by offering the most flexible elderly care in Belmont, seniors can get the help they deserve regardless of the time of day.

Will my loved one have the same caregiver to provide them in-home care in Belmont on every visit?

Yes. We want the seniors in our care to be as comfortable as possible with their caregiver, and the only way that this can happen is by allowing time for them to develop a friendship. Once that sense of trust is in place, caregiving can shift from being something a senior dreads to something they actually take great pleasure from.
Every once in a while we may have to arrange for a substitute caregiver to step in while your loved one's usual caregiver takes a few days off because of an illness or to go on vacation. In such a scenario, any substitute will be versed in all elements of your loved one's care so as not to cause any disruption to their usual routine.
It's also worth considering that because our senior care in Belmont runs for the whole day and evening, two to three caregivers have to cover the space of 24 hours. This means that if your loved one's care takes place over a period of more than eight hours, at least two caregivers will be responsible for looking after them on a daily basis.

How will my loved one be matched with their caregiver that's responsible for providing their in-home care in Belmont?

The matching process is something we pay particular detail to, as we know from experience that matching people on a range of personal interests can help seniors and caregivers to develop relationships much more quickly. To give you some indication as to the kind of details we try to find out about each senior in our care, we've drawn up a list of seven things we like to know the answer to before we start matching them to a caregiver, below:
  • Their hobbies
  • Their interests
  • Their political viewpoint
  • Their religious viewpoint
  • Their favorite musician/band/type of music
  • Their favorite movies
  • Their favorite types of food
  • Much, much more
Once we have all that information, we can combine it with the more practical data, such as how far away a caregiver lives from the person they'd be responsible for, to come up with the best match possible.
Of course, we don't get it right 100% of the time, so if you want to switch your caregiver, just let us know. We want to make your loved one's home care in Belmont as close to perfect as possible, so we're always willing to adapt our services to suit their needs.

How are your caregivers trained to provide senior care in Belmont?

Every new member of staff at Always Best Care has to take part in an induction training course before they can begin their role on behalf of the company.
During the week, each applicant will brush up on his or her knowledge of the industry, caregiving techniques, and their ability to spot physical and mental signs of illness.
If they successfully pass the course and are offered a position with the company, they will still be expected to take part in annual top-up training. Here each caregiver is assessed to assure that their standards of elderly care in Belmont haven't slipped. We also inform them about the latest technology entering into the industry so that they can provide families with the most up to date information.

Why should I choose your home care in Belmont instead of an independent provider?

Trust. In contrast to independent providers, all of our staff are vetted, insured, bonded, trained, and monitored. While that might not seem like much to some in writing, it actually protects your loved one against serious risks such as theft or damage to their property.
Not only that, our staff are also available 24 hours a day, as opposed to independent providers that can only work a set number of hours.
Finally, if an independent provider were to call in sick, it can cause havoc to your schedule. With our home care in Belmont, however, we can arrange for a substitute to step in their place in a matter of minutes.

How quickly can my loved one expect to begin receiving in-home care in Belmont?

We offer a fast track, seven-day turnaround service for new customers that require home care in Belmont in a hurry.
Over the course of 168 hours or less, we'll arrange every last detail of your loved one's care so that you spend less time worrying and more time concentrating on the things that matter.

What role do family members play in their loved one's elderly care in Belmont once a caregiver has been hired?

This is actually a question for you to answer. You see, because we offer 24-hour senior care in Belmont and don't ask you to sign up to a minimum number of hours of care per week, you're literally free to arrange our services when you need us most.
Whether that be for one hour a month or 40 hours a week, your loved one's caregiver will keep you informed of every aspect of their care, so you'll always be well aware of everything that is going on.

How do I know if Always Best Care is the right choice for in-home care in Belmont?

There's no magical answer to this, but we do advise any new family considering our services to visit us for a coffee and sit down chat.
You see, we're able to cover much more face to face than we'll ever be able to online, and at the same time, we can answer any lingering questions you may have not just about our care but the industry as a whole.
The chat is completely free and you're under no obligations whatsoever. We simply want to give you all information possible so that you can make the most informed decision about your loved one's home care in Belmont moving forward.

What steps are taken to ensure that my loved one's in-home care in Belmont is safe?

The safety record of our elderly care in Belmont is something we're extremely proud of, and it comes as no surprise considering the 'safety first' approach we take to all aspects of our care.
All of our staff are trained in how to spot symptoms of illness and how to carry out a risk assessment on a senior's home.
They also continually monitor a senior's mobility and will suggest any equipment they feel could reduce the risk of a senior taking a fall.

Do I need to sign a contract or agree to an hourly minimum for my loved one to be applicable for your home care in Belmont?

No contracts. No minimum number of hours of care. No worries. Our in-home care in Belmont is designed to be open to all that need it, so we've got rid of all the red tape and put the power back into your hands to decide when and where you need our services.

Do you provide in-home care in Belmont for individuals suffering from Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia?

Yes. Looking after someone with dementia can be a lot of hard work on your own, as you usually have to keep a watchful eye over them to make sure that they're safe.
Our specifically trained team of dementia caregivers can certainly help lessen the burden on your shoulders, as their attentive and patient elderly care in Belmont helps to reduce any feeling of stress or isolation in someone living with the condition.

If I choose your in-home care in Belmont, what type of services can my loved one expect on a day-to-day basis?

Caregiving is one of the most diverse roles on the planet, as no two days are rarely the same. To give you some idea as to what our home care in Belmont is all about, we've created a list of several regular duties, below:
  • Washroom assistance
  • Mobility assistance
  • Cooking/preparing food
  • Cleaning
  • Transport
  • Pet care
  • Companionship
  • Washing
  • Dressing
  • Laundry
  • Gardening
  • Much, much more

Do you provide respite in-home care in Belmont?

Yes. Our respite home care in Belmont is designed for families that need someone to take over their caregiving duties while they take a short break.
One of our fully trained and vetted caregivers will step into the role, providing the attentive and loving care that many seniors that receive home care from their family are already accustomed to.

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We know that exceptional service sets us apart from all other home care companies. All of our team members and caregivers receive comprehensive training before being assigned to a care plan. Our standard is that "we only hire care providers we would have care for our own loved ones." Always Best Care provides in-home care services from as little as one hour per day up to 24-hour care, and up to 7 days a week. Whatever your care needs are, Always Best Care is there for you.

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