Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

What’s one of your favorite seasons? If you thought first about winter, then that’s great! Many people love winter time because of the time you have to spend with your family during the holidays and time spent indoors watching the snow come down. However, there’s some stuff to watch out for during your favorite season of the year. There are plenty of dangers out there for seniors, from falling down on ice to getting stuck without heat during a freak winter storm. If you’re a senior & receiving elderly care in Monroe LA, read on to explore all of the safety tips you should know.

  • Call up your friends and family: This isn’t so much about safety as it is about keeping your relationships healthy, which is just as important for your overall well-being. Make sure to spend part of winter checking up on your friends and family who you may not have as much time to check in on in other seasons.
  • Get your car serviced: When it comes to winter safety, having your car serviced is one of the most important steps to take. If your car hasn’t been serviced in a while, you may be putting yourself at risk if your tires aren’t up to par to drive on winter roads. If you absolutely have to drive during the winter, have a family member drive you to Warren’s Auto Repair to get it checked out.
  • Have your heating system checked: If you’re like most people out there, you probably haven’t had your heating system checked in quite a while. That’s pretty dangerous because you definitely don’t want to be without heat during those cold Louisiana nights. Have someone from Gilley’s Heating and Cooling LLC come out to your home to checked it out.
  • Keep winter depression in check: It’s important in the winter time more than ever to keep your mental sanity in check when it comes to winter depression. Because of the colder temperatures and more time spent indoors, it can be tough to keep your positivity going and easy to slip into a winter depression. Try some new hobbies on for size, like painting, in order to keep your mind and hands busy. You can definitely try out a class at Painter’s Palette when the weather isn’t too bad!
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