Strategies for Boosting Brain Health in Monroe

Encouraging elderly loved ones to take part in activities that have a positive effect on their brain health is incredibly important. It is scientifically proven that challenging the brain on a regular basis can stop cognitive decline.

It doesn’t have to be a chore either.  There are a number of activities that can be done which are fun, and the person doing them doesn’t even realize that their brain is getting a work out.

Get out and socialize

Who knew that sitting in a restaurant or a bar, hanging out and chatting with your family and friends could be counted as a brain work out?  Even sitting at home with a takeaway pizza and talking the night away can be counted as exercise in this instance.

Conversation keeps your mind ticking over.  Your brain is taking in what is being said and consistently working to provide a suitable response.

Socializing with friends also ensues that you aren’t lonely.  Social isolation can be caused by feelings of loneliness, which in turn can be a contributor to much more serious conditions such as dementia.

Games and puzzles

Why not take advantage of people being at your house by playing a game?  A quiz game, a word game or even just throwing a dice and moving a piece round a board can all get the brain working.

If you have home care in Monroe, it’s worth asking your carer if they would like a game!

Even if you don’t have other people to play with there are still plenty of ways to set challenges for yourself.  Crosswords, word searches, solitaire and jigsaw puzzles are all excellent ways to get the brain ‘moving’.  Don’t forget to increase the difficulty to up the challenge, consider setting a timer too and then trying to beat your best completion times.


If you have a book then this is definitely the simplest way to give your brain a light workout.  Even if you don’t have a book, a magazine, recipe book or instruction manual will do!  Your brain will be processing information in the same way so it will still be of benefit.

Do something new

New challenges are what your brain loves most.  Mastering new skills, whether it be by yourself or as a member of a club, will give your mind the best possible exercise.

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