Reducing the Risk of Falls for Seniors

Balance and coordination deterioration are two of the most noticeable signs of aging.  Whilst not threatening in themselves, the increased risk of falling that they bring is certainly a cause for concern.

Falls can ruin an elderly person’s life, as injuries take longer to heal, activities that they enjoy doing can become impossible.  This leads to a lack of physical and mental exercise which is bad news for a person’s overall wellness.  More serious falls can also lead to far more serious and immediate consequences.

September 22 is Falls Prevention Awareness Day, and in preparation we have put together a few tips to make sure your loved one is as safe as possible in their own home.

  • Tidy the clutter – Try to ensure that there is nothing for them to trip over lying around the house. Keep things off the floor and ensure everything is put away, especially in places where they walk frequently, trip hazards on stairs are an obvious danger.
  • Consider hand rails – These provide something to grab hold of and steady themselves if they are in danger of falling. The most obvious places would be on steps to get into and out of the house, along corridors and in the bathroom.
  • Adequate lighting – Make sure the house is suitably lit to ensure that any potential obstacle can be seen. Night lights and motion sensors are great ideas for people who get up frequently in the night.
  • Supportive shoes – Encourage them to wear shoes that support them and have a decent grip. Lightweight house slippers may not be suitable anymore, especially if they are loose fitting or worn.
  • Exercise – A fit body is much more likely to be able to right itself after a stumble, preventing a more serious accident. Consider an exercise routine that improves muscle strength and coordination.
  • Check hearing and sight – Have these senses checked regularly and follow advice on any issues. If they require glasses or a hearing aid then make sure they wear them.
  • Medication side effects – Be wary that certain medication they may be taking may have side effects that can cause issues with balance, coordination or drowsiness. Be aware of when they take medication and take appropriate action.

If your loved one has in-home care in Monroe then the risk of being alone when they fall is greatly reduced.  So is the risk of the actual fall as the caregivers always take precautionary measures.

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