Identify the Need for Assistance for Your Aging in Place Loved Ones

You certainly do not want to diminish your parents’ self-esteem but, perhaps, you are concerned about their ability to look after themselves in their own home. They don’t have dementia issues or Alzheimer’s disease, but they are tiring more easily. The daily tasks of housekeeping have become real chores with each of them trying to ease the burden of the other. You know that Always Best Care provides excellent elderly care Monroe LA residents are confident in accessing. Maybe it’s time to have a chat with their professionals about services to support your parents so they can continue to live in their community enjoying their usual activities and friendships.


First, though, make sure you can present a realistic assessment of the current situation. On your regular visits to your parents, take the time to check out the following:


  • Eating Habits: Is there enough nutritious food in the fridge and pantry to provide healthy meals? Do they take the time to cook or are they just opening cans and making sandwiches?
  • Cleaning: Is the house clean? Maybe there is usually a clutter of books, knitting or craft items but is there actual dirt underneath it all? Are the floors and bathrooms clean?
  • Laundry: Are their clothes, sheets and towels clean or is dirty laundry piling up in a hamper?
  • Personal Hygiene: If they are feeling overwhelmed by chores that used to be simple, it is really easy to put off having a shower or washing hair until a tomorrow that never comes.
  • Personal Business: Whether they have mail or electronic messaging, are your parents keeping on top of bills and financial information that needs attention?
  • Relationships: Are they putting off inviting old friends over for a visit because they feel embarrassed about the state of the house or they are simply too tired to entertain?


senior care monroe laYou probably don’t want to snoop through your parents’ closets but you can look around carefully and have casual chats about meals and visitors. Once you have enough information to decide they really need some relief from daily tasks so they can better enjoy life, broach the idea of consulting with professionals in senior care Monroe LA agencies such as Always Best Care. Whether it’s a simple sitting service or more extensive in home care that’s needed, Kandace Stroo and Kristen Lambrecht, the local owners of Always Best Care, are able to propose the care options that make the most sense for your parents’ specific needs. Contact Kandace or Kristen at 318-322-2223 or [email protected] for a free consultation.