Helping Loved Ones with Dementia Feel More Included

Hearing a diagnosis of dementia can be a devastating blow to both the sufferer and for those around them.  You’ll become used to good days and bad and as a family member you will need to ensure that they feel included at all times, regardless of the type of day.

Keeping a person involved in day to day family activities is vital for keeping their mind exercised, which is known to slow down the onset of serious dementia symptoms.  They will require more help to complete certain tasks, but this doesn’t mean that they should stop doing them.

If they usually make a contribution with the cooking at a family event then there is no reason not to let that continue.  If they always volunteer for the washing up, there’s no need to stop them now.  Keep them as involved as they always have been, with perhaps a closer, but more subtle, eye on them.

A dementia sufferer can become withdrawn from the goings on around them.  It is very important to ensure that they are a part of conversations, making contributions as and when they can.  Select topics to talk about that you know they have an interest in, when they come to speak, let them, even if the story takes some time to tell.

If they have elderly care in Monroe then let their caregiver know what they like to talk about and what topics are most likely to elicit conversation.

At family events, show old photos to loved ones to try and encourage their memory.  Remember to take recent photos of them enjoying time with the family and discuss them at forthcoming events.  Shorter term memory loss is often the first thing that dementia patients suffer with, this kind of exercise helps with that.

It is wise to have a daily routine planned out for dementia sufferers, it keeps them calm when they know what to expect.  But family members need to bear in mind that although there is a routine in place, you will need to be flexible.  Dementia is an unpredictable condition and not every day will go to plan.

The important thing to remember is to always remain calm and enjoy your time together.



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