Exercise by Walking Right into Retirement

If you are a senior living in Monroe LA, life is good. Home of the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty, this vibrant city is touted by the Convention Bureau as the place to shop, eat and discover historical figures such as General Clair Chennault and his Flying Tigers at the aviation museum or Joseph Biedenharn, the first bottler of Coca-Cola. Life in retirement in Monroe can be busy and rewarding.

It is probably important for you, like it is to most seniors, to be able to continue living in your own home as long as possible. A familiar environment with nearby friends and family ensures a great quality of life. To do so, you will want to be fit and healthy so you do not have to rely fully on the elderly care Monroe LA agencies such as Always Best Care (ABC) provide and can just use those services to enhance your life.

No matter what kind of physical activity you have been doing throughout your life, you might want to consider how walking or hiking is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective exercises you can enjoy.

Explore the options available in Monroe, including even a walk around Pecanland Mall, the largest shopping mall in North Louisiana. You’ll probably feel better about the exercise, though, if you complete a brisk walk along a path in the 160 acres of Kiroli Park. A hike along a nature trail that meanders through forested wetland in the Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge is even more satisfying.

The University of Georgia has done research that identifies the health benefits for seniors who regularly walk or hike a few hours a week, including:

  • Significantly decreased risk of disability
  • Increased aerobic capacity which is so important for a healthy heart function
  • Decreased probability of being hospitalized with a serious cardiovascular condition

There is always the caution to walk or hike safely, following a few simple routines:

  • Take water and a snack with you
  • Wear a couple of layers of clothing so you can adapt to temperature changes
  • Use sunscreen
  • Take your time

Sometimes a little assistance is needed and that’s when you’ll appreciate the range of services for senior care Monroe LA Always Best Care professionals can provide. From companionship and a sitting service to light housekeeping and personal care, there is in home care for every need.

The owners and operators of the local ABC office, Kristen Lambrecht and Kandace Stroo, have put together a team of trained, qualified, insured professionals to give you excellent care. Contact Kandace or Kristen at 318-322-2223 or [email protected] to arrange for a free consultation.