Dogs Are The Best Companions For Seniors

Do you know an elderly loved one or friend who needs a new ‘leash on life’? Depression and loneliness among the elderly are serious problems, but a dog can help seniors laugh and give them satisfaction of being needed by someone else. Adopting a new puppy may be too much for a senior to handle whereas older dogs make wonderful companions and may be a perfect match since they often experience loneliness too.

For a senior, a dog can bring several health benefits along with emotional benefits. A dog can be your companion 24*7 can greatly reduce stress in your life and also improves physical fitness through exercise such as a daily walk in the neighborhood. Dogs are a great choice among seniors who feel depressed, isolated or who have recently lost a loved one. The addition of a dog as a companion to your life can greatly relieve the pain and suffering you may have gone through and do wonders to fill the void.

Before surprising your senior with a pet, make sure it’s something that they want and would enjoy. There are many senior shelter animals just waiting to be adopted and loved, and they can be a good fit for your senior as a companion animal. Always Best Care offers wonderful companionship and care in Monroe that can give you peace of mind. Call today at 318-322-2223.