Meet the Team

Photo of Kristen & Kandace

Kristen & Kandace

Owners and Administrators

Kristen Lambrecht, RN and Kandace Stroo, RN are the owners and administrators of Always Best Care Senior Services of Monroe, Louisiana. Kristen and Kandace are twin sisters and have been nurses for over 25 years. They both hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Northwestern State University. Prior to their work at Always Best Care they both primarily worked in hospice which made for a great transition to in-home care. They have been providing in-home care in Northeast Louisiana for over ten years now and have created a team that loves senior adults and veterans!

Photo of Jeffery Hicks

Jeffery Hicks

Senior Services Advisor

Jeffery Hicks is the Senior Services Advisor of Always Best Care Monroe. Jeff and his wife, Ellen, provide care for Ellen’s 95 year old father who is a veteran. Jeff actually came to work for ABC because of the care provided for his father-in-law by Always Best Care Monroe. Jeff has learned a lot about the VA Homemaker Service and how to access that care. Jeff shares this information with Veterans often in order to help them access this benefit. Jeff is a musician and can often be found playing at weddings, parties and the Bayou DeSiard Country Club among other places.

Photo of Jennifer Bass

Jennifer Bass

Client Services Director

Jennifer Bass is the Client Services Director of ABC Monroe. Jennifer has worked with senior adults in our community for almost 30 years. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Gerontology from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Jennifer attributes her love of senior adults to being blessed to grow up very close to all four of her grandparents as well as one great grandmother. Jennifer is also a musician. She plays in the orchestra at First Baptist Church of West Monroe and can be found playing Christmas music with her mother at various places around town during the holidays.

Photo of Rita Dispenza

Rita Dispenza

Administrative Assistant

Rita Dispenza is our Administrative Assistant (the glue that holds our team together!) and has also been working with senior adults in our community for many years. Rita has worked at several local Assisted Living Communities so the transition to in home care was an easy transition for her as well.

Photo of DeMarcus Teague

DeMarcus Teague

Training Supervisor

DeMarcus Teague is a Medical Assistant, a Certified Nursing Assistant, an EMT and a Veteran. He is a valued member of our team and serves as our Training Supervisor. DeMarcus is our “go-to guy” for many things. We send him out to make sure our caregivers’ skills are in line with the high quality our community has come to expect from Always Best Care caregivers. DeMarcus also works as a caregiver for some of our Veterans. He has a passion for caring for our Veterans and shares a camaraderie with them that only Veterans share.