Traveling with Senior Adults – Tips for Successful Vacations

Today’s family vacations don’t just involve parents taking the kids somewhere special for a week or two.  They are also wonderful opportunities for the parents to include their own parents in the family fun and togetherness.  As seniors live longer and remain active, they aren’t content to stay at home and miss out on the fun.  Even less independent seniors who receive elderly care Bristol CT services or reside in an assisted living Bristol CT facility can travel with ease and comfort.  Planning and preparation are the keys to insuring a successful and happy vacation together.

Traveling with Seniors Tips

Before your family heads for Bradley International Airport or I-84, take care to provide for any potential mobility concerns and your seniors can keep up with the rest of the family more comfortably.  Book room accommodations for them that are comfortable: a bathroom with hand rails, or a shower rather than a tub, close to elevator, and limited steps. Find out if they can handle their luggage by themselves or if they will need help. Arrange for a wheelchair at the airport if needed. Plan alternative activities for the older folks to the more physically demanding ones on the rest of the family’s itinerary.  Allow extra time for touring to allow rest periods for the seniors.

elderly care bristol ctIf you are sharing the costs, discuss all the financial details ahead of time so there are no misunderstandings and conflicts that could spoil your trip.  Keep lines of communication open during all vacation planning to help your seniors emotionally invest in and become excited about their trip.  Check the weather/climate where you’re going and pack appropriate clothing without over packing.  On a cruise, for example, a formal dress and suit may be needed for one dinner.

Encourage your seniors to pack all their medications (enough for the trip plus four or more extra days) as well as a complete change of clothing, camera, e-reader (if desired) and passport    in a car or take on bag (if flying) so you’ll have the irreplaceable things you need if luggage is lost.  Carry information on all your seniors’ prescriptions, physicians and their contact information, and copies of their identification papers with you for emergency backup. With communication and planning, the road to a happy vacation is free of obstacles.

Future Senior Care Bristol CT Assistance for Your Senior Loved Ones

As your loved ones continue to age, explore other ways you can assist them in remaining as independent as possible through excellent and compassionate in home care Bristol CT services from Always Best Care.  Call Rick Downey today at (860)-261-4405 to schedule your free consultation.

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