The Science Behind Singing and Our Senior Care Bristol CT Services

Countless studies highlight the power of music. It is not surprising that music, and in particular, singing can be used to improve the lives of seniors. Music has been shown to be effective in the treatment of Alzheimer’s in seniors. It is for this reason, among others, music therapy techniques and treatments are part and parcel of our Always Best Care in home care Bristol CT companionship care services. Below, we highlight some of the¬†scientifically-proven benefits of singing for seniors.

Three Amazing Ways Singing Can Help Seniors

There is no need for seniors to lead lives that are anything but vibrant and fulfilling. Our aging loved ones can enjoy their lives well into their most senior years with the right elderly care Bristol CT tools. Singing is one such tool (as the study mentioned above clearly shows) that can significantly help seniors maintain a higher quality of life as they age.

Published in the ‘Music Perception’ journal, the new study showed that singing is indeed effective in combatting the negative effects of neurological disorders. This positive effect is due to singing stimulates areas of the brain responsible for emotional wellness. Singing was also found to enhance communication skills by improving both enunciation and projection.

Three ways singing helps improve senior quality of life:

– Increased self-confidence and overall well-being

All participants in the study reported feeling a greater level of confidence and about their lives after having singing sessions.

– Improving physical health and well-being

A study by researchers from George Washington University in Washington DC showed that singing helped improve breathing, posture, and eyesight, in addition to positively affecting the brain. These positive effects also reduced the number of visits participants had to pay to the hospital.

– Encouraging a sense of community and fellowship

Sometimes social connections happen less often as seniors age. Singing in groups, however, can help remedy this, as persons can come together and form social connections that would not have otherwise been possible.

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