Senior Risk Factors for Poor Dental Health

Senior Americans are a unique population with specific healthcare needs. These specific needs also include dental care. For many reasons, seniors are at a higher risk for poor dental health, especially compared to younger populations. Here are some risk factors to be aware of if you have an aging family member:

Prescription Medications

Nearly all people are aware that prescription medications are not without side effects. However, seniors and their family members may not realize that, sometimes, these side effects can extend to their oral health. For example, many medications can cause dry mouth. Also known as xerostomia, this condition can be uncomfortable and also lead to other problems such as tooth decay or even tooth loss, sore throats, difficulty swallowing, and a hoarse voice.

Diagnosis of Diabetes

Seniors who have been diagnosed with diabetes are also at a greater risk for dental complications, especially if their diabetes is not well-controlled. Diabetes can decrease circulation to the mouth, which can increase the risk for gum disease and cavities. It can also cause slow healing of any wounds in the mouth, increasing the risk of infection. In fact, diabetics may be more likely to get infections linked to bacteria in the mouth such as pneumonia and other respiratory infections.

Decreased Physical and Mental Capabilities

Seniors who have decreased physical mobility due to arthritis or other issues may have difficulty performing their own oral care such as brushing or flossing regularly. Many seniors may also simply forget to brush their teeth or think they have brushed their teeth when they really have not. A professional caregiver from Always Best Care can help your senior loved one not only to remember to complete their daily oral care but to also complete it effectively.

The Senior Care Bristol CT Families Trust

Choosing the best care provider for your senior family member can be a daunting task. However, when you select Always Best Care, you can be assured that your aging relative will be cared for with the highest quality in home care Bristol CT has to offer. For services in assisted living Bristol CT families know they can trust the professional care providers at Always Best Care. Our extensive services are linked to one goal: helping seniors in our community live the best lives possible by providing for all their non-medical home care needs.

To arrange your free care consultation or to find out more about the elderly care Bristol CT seniors recommend, contact Always Best Care. You can reach owner Rick Downey at (860) 261-4405 or via email [email protected].

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