Reaping the Rewards of Hiking During the Golden Years

When Hippocrates said, “Walking is man’s best medicine,” he probably didn’t know the value his words would hold thousands of years later. Everyone, from young to old, can benefit from walking as little as one hour at a time, three times a week.

When contemplating options for senior care Bristol CT community members should look for a well-rounded agency that respects the value of walking and hiking. Always Best Care can provide comprehensive assisted living Bristol CT seniors can benefit from, with in home help that addresses issues like hygiene, social activities, and exercise, like hiking.


Study after study by well-known and respected organizations shows that hiking can reduce the risks of heart disease, colon and breast cancer, disabilities, and diabetes. It can also lower blood cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and weight in the obese. It can slow cognitive decline, decrease the symptoms of depression, and contribute to a greater sense of wellbeing.

Common Sense Safety

When seeking an agency that incorporates hiking as a part of their elderly care Bristol CT families should make sure they find one that approaches the exercise with a modicum of common sense. Levels of ability vary from person to person and must be taken into consideration when deciding how intense the hike should be.

Hiking shoes must provide support and adequate padding, as the natural cushioning of feet decreases with age. The amount of water a body holds also decreases with age, so great care must be taken to ensure the hiker remains hydrated.

The hike should be planned out in advance, incorporating times and places for rest stops, and any necessary medical equipment should be available in case of an emergency. Furthermore, utilizing a mobility aid, like a walking pole, should be encouraged for an individual who needs a little support.Consider that walking is an exercise form that continuously allows one foot or the other to remain firmly planted on the ground, and a hike can be as strenuous or mild as needed.

Couple this knowledge with the myriad of benefits that can be reaped from a personalized hiking regime, and you may have found the ideal fitness regime for an older individual.  To allow their older loved ones the advantages of personalized and active in home care Bristol CT residents can look to Always Best Care.

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