Preventing Falls this Fall with In-Home Care

For older adults, a simple slip on a rug can be life-changing, causing serious injuries, hospitalization or even life-changing disabilities. Since aging can affect one’s vision, balance and strength, adults 65 or older face a higher fall risk. More than one in three seniors suffer a fall every year, making it one of the leading causes of injury and death among this age group. Though they are common, falls are preventable and do not have to be an inevitable part of aging. 

Fall prevention is critical to enhancing safety and preventing emergent care and hospitalization. Services like in-home care have proven to prevent falls in the home, the most common space for senior falls. With Always Best Care’s in-home care services, our caregivers work closely with seniors to create a safer environment and monitor their well-being. Through an in-home safety assessment, our caregivers provide life-saving recommendations to prevent fall risks like enhanced lighting, removal of throw rugs and the use of non-breakable dinnerware. 

Our in-home caregivers assist seniors with a wide range of activities, a vital one being exercise. With the fear of falling constantly lingering, many seniors tend to avoid once-beloved activities in hopes to reduce the risk of falls. Despite this, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a critical step to preventing falls. To ensure their safety and support an active lifestyle, our in-home caregivers assist older adults with exercise routines that promote balance, flexibility, muscle strength and mobility. 

Protect your loved one from fall risks this fall with in-home care. By identifying common hazards around a home and assisting patients with a wide range of activities, our trained caregivers reduce fall risks while also supporting a senior’s ability to participate in daily activities. At Always Best Care, our in-home care services include a range of companionship, home helper and personal care services. See how your loved one can benefit from our variety of in-home care services this fall.