How Yoga Can Benefit those who are Young at Heart

While walking around Clock Tower Park can be a great exercise for Bristol’s senior residents, it may start to get old after a while. If your elderly loved one is searching for some fresh exercise ideas or needs to start a routine, he or she may want to consider yoga. Though commonly practiced by younger crowds, this ancient exercise can have many benefits for the elderly including:


in-home careHigher Self-Esteem

Unlike other exercise routines, yoga can be easy to learn. With no complicated moves to imitate and no fast-paced music to keep up with, seniors will be proud of themselves for being able to practice and complete various yoga poses and routines.


Building Stronger Bones

Not only is yoga generally considered safe for seniors but it can actually help them build stronger bones over time. Just like other forms of exercise, yoga places some stress on the skeletal system. However, this is a good type of stress as it causes bones to increase their density. This is an important benefit as many seniors struggle with osteoporosis.


Increased Flexibility

Seniors who lack sufficient movement and exercise in their daily lives will find that their muscles tend to be stiff and rigid. This can lead to pain and discomfort as well as injuries. Practicing yoga routinely can help these muscles to stretch and relax. Your elderly loved one may find that they feel better in general because of this benefit, and are much safer due to being more stable on their feet.


Senior Care Bristol CT

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