How To Have Important Conversations With Aging Parents This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for coming together and catching up with family and friends. It is also a chance to check in on your elderly loved ones and see if they need help at home. If you notice that your parent’s health is declining, it is important to step in and initiate a conversation about the future. Though acknowledging the role reversal between you and your parents can be uncomfortable, there are ways of making the process more effective and relaxed for all parties involved. 

Before starting the conversation, consider your surroundings. It is best to bring up difficult topics like senior care after holiday guests have left and not at the dinner table, as it may cause embarrassment for your parents. 

Though your parents may dismiss the topic or resist the idea of change, remain patient and communicate with empathy. Instead of outright stating that you have noticed their house is messier than usual or their health is declining, frame the conversation with care. Provide them with a sense of control and ask them how you can help make their lives easier. Through patience, empathy and perseverance, you will be able to uncover the best methods on how to take care of your parents. 

Involve your siblings in these difficult conversations. By having an honest group conversation about the future care of your parents, you are able to seek additional support, input and understand how your siblings feel about the overall situation. This will also help you assess how much each sibling can help with the care of your parents. Though it can be easy to avoid these group conversations during the holidays, it is best to have these discussions before everyone returns back to the busy schedules of their everyday lives. 

Lastly, consider connecting with experts in your parents’ community. At Always Best Care, our senior care services help older adults maintain a safe, independent and dignified lifestyle that provides their loved ones with peace of mind. With our in-home senior caregiver services, our caregivers work closely with seniors to create a safer environment and monitor their well-being, while also providing companionship services, home help services and assistance with personal care. Learn more about how Always Best Care can increase the quality of your loved one’s life.