Helping Seniors Get More Sleep

Is your senior family member watching the clock in Clock City when it’s time for some shut-eye? We all take our sleep for granted until it gets disrupted or dysfunctional. Sleep is an important part of maintaining physical, emotional, and mental health. Unfortunately, many seniors have difficulty sleeping for one reason or another. Be on the lookout for these signs of sleep deprivation in seniors:

  • Getting ill often
  • Confusion
  • Depression and anxiety
  • An increase in falls, lack of balance, increased unsteadiness
  • Decreased emotional well-being
  • Being more irritable than usual

If you observe any of these signs, it may be time to help your senior change some of his or her habits and to seek professional help. An Always Best Care provider can help you implement some of these tips with your senior family member:

Cutting out Alcoholic Drinks at Night

While many seniors enjoy a drink or two before bed, alcohol can actually disrupt normal sleep patterns. If a senior cannot give up their nightly drink completely, skipping some nights or decreasing the amount consumed may help.

Creating a Bedtime Routine

Our minds and bodies thrive on routine. If your senior family member does not already have a consistent bedtime routine, it may positively impact their sleep to have one. Reading, listening to music, and attending to personal hygiene are some options to add to a bedtime routine.

Warm Baths

Another activity for seniors to consider adding to their bedtime routine is a warm bath. This can help with physical and mental relaxation that paves the way for falling and staying asleep when bedtime comes.

The In Home Care Bristol CT Seniors Recommend

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