Bristol CT Provides the Music Essential to Happy and Healthy Senior Life

Experts aren’t always sure why, but they agree that music has been discovered to have great health benefits for seniors and is an important component of a happy retirement. Music brings people and groups in the community together in ways nothing else can, and allows people of all ages to connect with their thoughts and emotions in a new and deeper way. Whether you are staying connected to a younger you by continuing to play a musical instrument as a hobby or taking the plunge to learn to play one when you’ve always wanted to learn how, music brings vitality and youthfulness to your life.

Music is a Component of Programs that Senior Care Bristol CT Services Offer
Whether you simply enjoy listening to music or wouldlike to devote time to learning and playing an instrument, music also provides five enormous physical and emotional health benefits for all seniors. Music allows seniors to:

  • Elevate mood
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improve social engagement
  • Advance memory and concentration
  • Expand communication abilities in Alzheimer’s patients

When listening to music, its tempo can alter your mood (fast and lively reduces depression; slow, lovely, quiet tunes can reduce anxiety). Attending concerts and musical events, playing your instrument for or with others, and sharing your appreciation of music can initiate, as well as improve, your social engagement with others.

assisted living placement bristol ctMusic may “…be an art form that transcends language.” (Herbie Hancock), but it has also been shown to improve cognition and decrease seniors’ declining language skills, particularly in dementia patients.  Playing an instrument and in particular, singing, have both had great positive effects on the communication abilities of seniors.

Get your annual dose of community music by attending the social dances scheduled at the Bristol Senior Center for a night of music, dance and fellowship. Have a nice meal served with live music performances at the city’s Café Buono.  Enjoy international music and dance by attending the annual Italian and Greek Festivals. Enjoy a lovely moonlit night of music at the New England Carousel Museum’s annual Summer Solstice Dance.  Transportation help can be provided to you by a caretaker/companion from Always Best Care’s local elderly care Bristol CT company if you no longer drive.

Always Best Care Offers In Home Care Bristol CT Seniors Can Depend Upon
To explore the range of services a home caregiver or companion can provide for you through Always Best Care or for assisted living Bristol CT referrals, contact Rick Downey today at 203-823-0417 or [email protected].  He will be glad to schedule a free consultation appointment with you.

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