What are The Symptoms of Cardiovascular Events?

Cardiovascular events are the incidents that may result in damage to the heart muscle. People suffering from heart diseases are always at the risk of suffering from a cardiovascular event. This risk continues to increase, as a person ages. Unfortunately, not many know about the symptoms of these events. If you have a senior at home with a heart disease, then you should know about following symptoms.

  • Experiencing unexplainable fatigue, or feeling overly tired may be the symptom of a cardiovascular event.
  • In some incidents, patient may have coughing spells or a long-term cough.
  • Experiencing shortness of breath, even when at rest or when performing any sort of activity, can be a sign of cardiovascular event.
  • Feeling that heart is pounding in chest or throat is another symptom. It may cause pain or mild discomfort to the person.
  • Chest pain is telltale sign of such events. The person may also experience palpitations, sweating.

Knowledge of these symptoms ensures that you can recognize when your senior needs medical help. To avoid such incidents, it’s essential to take proper medication, a healthy diet, exercise regularly and follow doctor’s instructions to the T. However, older adults with heart disease may also need regular care and daily living assistance. If you can’t provide your aging loved one regular care often, then hire senior helpers in Louisville, KY.

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