Ways Pets Can Help Your Aging Loved One

Have you heard of benefits pets bring for seniors? Today, many pets are being utilized for therapeutic purposes for older adults. Isolation, stress, depression – pets have a way of getting seniors away from such conditions and many more. Following are the ways pets can help older adults.

  • Everyone requires companionship, and seniors are no different. If your aging loved one lives alone, then pets can provide them much required companionship.
  • Seniors don’t feel loneliness with pets around, which can lower their stress and anxiety levels.
  • To have something to touch, pet and take care of, can lower seniors’ blood pressure, normal heart rate and reduced stress.
  • When taking care of pets, older adults feel useful and get a sense of responsibility.
  • Taking pets on daily walks can improve your loved one’s health with all the walking. They can become physically more active and fit. In addition, it can give them a chance to go out and meet new people.

Reports show that seniors with pets are likely to live more (even with their medical conditions) than those, who don’t have any pets. Dogs, cats, birds etc., are a great option for pets for older adults.

However, many seniors need help with daily living, and adding a pet to the equation may create problems for them. If such is the case, then family members can come forward to help aging loved ones with daily living and pet care too. And, when they need respite from senior care responsibilities, they can hire professionals like Always Best Care.

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