Tips To Stay In Contact With Your Senior At Assisted Living

Choosing an Assisted Living is the only option for most of the seniors. However, leaving their home and moving to an entirely new place can be a difficult task for the seniors. They may fear of losing contact with their loved ones.

Staying in contact with the seniors living at Assisted Living is very important. Loss of contact with family can push them in the direction of stress and depression. So, here are some tips that you can consider following to connect with your loved one at Assisted Living.

  • Call regularly – Set up a fixed time to call your seniors daily. Hearing the voice of their loved one can boost up their mood.
  • Video call/chat – You can make use of the latest technology of video chat or call to stay in contact with your senior at Assisted Living.
  • Write letters – Seniors often feel happy when they receive letters from their family members. You can even add small cards from children along with the letters to make seniors feel special.
  • Visit them – Make sure to visit your senior regularly so that they do not feel alone. You can also take them for outings, movies, shopping, lunch, and more.

So, aforementioned are some of the tips that you can consider following of your aging loved one is planning to move to an Assisted Living facility in Louisville, KY.

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