Tips to Help Your Aging Loved One Adjust to Assisted Living

Senior citizens prefer to age in place comfortably and peacefully, preferably in their own home. While some can, many don’t have the support or ability to live on their own any longer and their families are left with the task of moving their aging loved ones to an Assisted Living community.

The transition to an entirely new place can be difficult for anyone, but even more so for seniors who have to deal with what may be viewed as a loss of independence. Here are some tips that can help your aging loved one adjust to Assisted Living.

  • Before the transition, take your aging loved one to visit the community. This allows them to become familiar with the setting and learn about the community and what it offers.
  • Make sure to bring many of their personal items and mementoes. This will help make the place more familiar and personal to them.
  • Be sure to visit them frequently so that they do not feel alone or abandoned. Stay in contact through calls, letters, emails or other means if you are unable to visit often.
  • Make sure that the Assisted Living community supports their residence’s independence as much as possible. Encourage them to participate in the activities and programs organized by the community. This will help keep them social and allow them to meet people of similar interests.

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