The Top Financial Concerns of Independent Seniors

The majority of seniors express a wish to age  in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by the people and mementos that they hold dear. Unfortunately, for many seniors, financial concerns can make this wish difficult. However, there are resources that can help aging seniors and calm their financial fears.

Rising Costs of Healthcare

For many seniors, the rising cost of medical care is a real concern. While many seniors have medical coverage through Medicare or Medicaid, these plans often leave gaps in coverage that leave seniors no choice but to tap into their life savings or social security income. The price of essentials that keep your loved one safe and sound, such as medical devices, out of network medical coverage, and prescription drugs are increasing at an alarming rate.

Not only are the seniors themselves worried about these medical costs, but the families of  these beloved seniors are often faced with the decision of whether to send their loved ones to a care facility or to let them age at home. In some cases, the costs for live-in facilities are too high and therefore inaccessible to some families.

Many families with aging seniors choose a home care agency to provide in-home care services in Michiana, IN. Not only does this save money, but also it allows your loved one to live independently.

Fraud and Scams

Another issue that is troublesome is that of scammers preying upon seniors to defraud them of their money and property. Often, seniors are lonely and become victims of con artists who pretend to engage them in romantic relationships or friendships. These people then convince them to sign over their property and give up their money.

A senior companion can help your loved one avoid being preyed upon. They can help them open mail and be a presence that will discourage con artists from taking an unfair advantage of your loved one.

We understand that you may be busy with your career or caring for young children and need extra help. This is why our senior care Michiana IN agency provides you with the exact amount of help that you need in order to make sure your loved one is well cared for and protected. Always Best Care has a team of caring and compassionate aides who are looking forward to meeting you, call us today.

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