Modern Technology Helps Seniors Stay Independent

Most parents, partners and friends choose to remain living at home as they age, rather than moving into a seniors’ home or with their children. However, living independently comes with its challenges, both for the senior and for family members taking on responsibilities of elder care.

An ideal approach to learning about technological aids to assist the elderly continuing to live at home is to consult with Always Best Care, the professionals who provide the best home care Michiana can offer.

Technological Aids for Seniors

An increasing amount of companies are becoming involved with providing technological devices that can help assist with independent living for seniors. Some of the most useful and innovative devices and services include:

• A telephone reassurance program available for free in North America, providing seniors and the disabled living alone with a daily phone call

• Fall monitoring and detection systems that can provide 24/7 alerts for at risk seniors

• 24/7 telephone access to physicians offered free to clients and families associated with Always Best Care

• Automatic medication dispensing systems that ensure medications are taken at the right time

• Alarm pendants offering back-to-base notifications of floods, fire, or even to call for help in the event that an unwelcome guest is at the door

• Detection systems that provide notifications if the wearer leaves the house

• Bed sensors that turn on lights when a person gets out of bed, or if the person does not return to his or her bed in a given time frame

• GPS watches that make it safer for those with dementia and at risk of wandering

• Social media and email programs that help seniors stay in touch with family and friends

• Puzzles and games designed to strengthen the mind and maintain cognitive skills

• Appliances that turn off automatically when they are not being used


Count on Always Best Care professionals to provide up to date information about the newest and most useful technological aids to help seniors continue living at home. When looking for the best senior care in Michiana, IN depend on the nation’s leading provider of non-medical in-home care, assisted living and home health care. Call today to learn how we can help.

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