Mishawaka Caregivers Can Aid with Exercise to Halt or Slow Alzheimer’s

Contemporary medical research shows that exercise is linked to the prevention of depression and anxiety, but also to reducing the progression of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. These conditions are often prevented, slowed down, or reversed with an active lifestyle. What seemed like an unstoppable force of genetics for seniors is within their control with the help of caring people to show them the way. Here are some steps seniors can take to promote good brain health.

Mind and Body

Taking part in exercise, whether it is walking or square dancing, keeps the mind guessing. A brain forced to remember walking routes or recall choreography reinforces important connections which, when lost, lead to poor brain function. While puzzles and crosswords support the brain in similar ways, there’s more to brain health than solving riddles and acrostics.

When their bodies are strong, seniors remain more mobile. When they are mobile, they socialize and continue doing things that make them happy, like gardening and playing with grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A healthy body is less likely to succumb to illness and recovers quickly from injury. The longer seniors continue with their active and social routine, the longer they can stay in their own homes and enjoy life.

Fitness Goals and Elderly care in Mishawaka

Remaining strong is a matter of combining strength with stretching and aerobic activity. Increase your heart rate by lifting free weights or using your own body weight to strengthen your arms, legs, and core. Stretch after every workout so joints remain limber and don’t get sore. Garden, bowl, play tennis, or do whatever makes you happy at a comfortable pace for as long as possible. Always be sure your doctor has approved your exercise routine before starting.

Getting out, Staying Active: Senior Care Mishawaka

What if you can’t go anywhere because you no longer drive and don’t know anyone close by who has time to walk places? Hire a companion. In-home caregiving is not just about feeding and bathing infirm people. Companion care provides many benefits. Companions from agencies providing senior care, like the reputable Always Best Care agency, will do everything from driving you to the pool for aqua fit classes to walking with you to the local park to feed the birds.

In-Home Care Mishawaka

Don’t become inactive and depressed: give Always Best Care a call today. Set up a consultation. They hire and train caring individuals as companions for local seniors. Age in place with the support of safe, bonded, insured services from Always Best Care.

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