Helping Your Aging Parent with Spring Cleaning

Annual cleaning is one of those traditions that happens in pretty much every household whenever spring comes around. Spring is the time for you to throw out all of that old stuff that you have no use for and replace it with new items that will bring some life into your home.

When it comes to seniors cleaning out their homes, it’s important for them to have help from family members, friends, and their Caregiver, if they are receiving senior care in Michiana. Keep reading below to learn how you can help out your aging parent or relative with his or herspring cleaning tasks at this time of year.

Be Careful with Allergies

Whenever there’s a lot of spring cleaning going on, the chances are that a lot of dust and other allergens are going to be stirred up into the air. Whenever you are cleaning up a particularly dusty area, make sure to wear a mask to keep those allergens from entering your lungs and causing any allergic reactions. Keep anyone with severe allergies away from dust and allergens whenever spring cleaning is going on, just in case.

Plan Ahead

If it suits you, you can just go around and clean things throughout the house willy-nilly. But there’s a much better way of going about thespring cleaning process. You should consider cleaning on a  room-by-room to ensure that everything is cleaned and no spots are missed. If there are multiple people helping out with the cleaning, try to assign one or two people per room of the house.

Throw Things Away

This one might be hard for some people to hear, but there are probably plenty of things in a senior’s home that can be thrown away. Don’t be afraid to throw away things that do not not have sentimental value or to store away the things that do. There’s no reason to keep items lying around the house and cluttering it up.

Purchase New Items to Replace the Old

As you get rid of all that clutter, it’s important to replace old items with new ones when necessary. You may consider replacing things such as furniture or décor. Have a shopping trip after you are finished spring cleaningto replace those items in your senior’s home.

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