Combatting Spring Allergies

If you live pretty much anywhere in the United States, then you are going to be dealing with pollen and other allergens during this time of year. If you’re a senior with allergies, then this could very much inhibit how well your ability to breathe while you’re outside or even within your own home.

There are some allergy medications you can take to make the suffering a little bit easier to handle, but your allergies are always going to be there. If your senior is receiving in-home care in Michiana, then be sure to speak with his or her Caregiver about how you can help combat these annoying allergies. Below are some tips that will help make that happen.

Use a Dryer to Dry Clothes

If you are someone who enjoys hanging your clothes outside to dry them, then this item is for you. Drying your clothes outside is just asking for pollen and other allergens to cling onto them and make their way into your lungs whenever you put those clothes on next. A better way to dry your clothes during the springtime is to put them in the dryer. This ensures that no pollen will have the chance to attach onto your wet clothes.

Have Your Allergies Checked

If your senior is suffering from allergies, make sure that he or she goes to the doctor during springtime to see what exactly is causing the allergies. There can be a number of causal factors when it comes to allergies, and your family doctor can pinpoint exactly what your senior should avoid during this time of year. It might be pollen, but it might also be something entirely out of the blue, so it’s best to check up on it.

Get an Air Purifier

You may think that allergies are only a threat to you whenever you or your senior are outside and enjoying the fresh air, but that’s not entirely true. Allergens can easily find their way into your home and clog up the quality of the air in and around the house. If this is the case, then an air purifier is a good machine to look into so you can keep the air in your home, or your senior’s, clean and healthy to breathe.

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