Respite Care (Palos)

As members of our families grow older, we become increasingly concerned with providing the best care for their well-being. There are many health care options for senior citizens but there are some seniors who have family members willing to become their full-time caregivers. Family caregivers are quite beneficial to seniors because they provide them with a level of comfort and eliminate the necessity of a nursing home. However, providing full time care can be quite burdensome on the family caregiver.

Always Best Care in Palos Park offers respite care to provide temporary relief for family caregivers to have some personal time while their family member continues to receive the proper care.

Respite care works similar to in home care but with the purpose of providing relief for the primary, unpaid family caregiver. Family caregivers maintain a comfortable environment for the care receiver and work within familiar routines to provide a level of care that cannot be achieved with hired caregivers. The role of a family caregiver is a full-time job, however, that may interfere with their personal lives and becomes taxing emotionally and physically because of the level of dedication involved. Respite care programs are designed to provide scheduled care for the care receiver so the primary caregiver can leave and have time to run errands and handle personal affairs. This not only benefits the family caregiver, but the care recipient as well because they are still provided with the necessary care without major changes in their environment.

Always Best Care recommends that anyone interested in our respite care services should take advantage of the free consultations offered at our Palos Park office. During the consultations, we will assess the health and needs of the person in need of care and create a schedule for the respite caregiver that works for both the primary caregiver and the person needing care. We can also determine a payment plan involving the insurance provider in these consultations. Respite caregivers are great support for family caregivers to be able to provide care for their loved ones while prolonging or avoiding the need for a home. Contact Always Best Care in Palos Park to learn more about our in-home care services.