Assisted Living Services

Making the decision for a loved one to move into an assisted living community can be difficult as well as the decision of which community is best for them. There are many assisted living communities around Palos Park and the near Chicago suburbs that offer different levels of care depending on the needs of their residents and independently researching each program and their accommodations can be quite exhausting.

At Always Best Care in Palos Park, we offer free assisted living referral services to the seniors of the area to help them and their families find the home or community that best accommodates their individual needs and budget.

Assisted living communities are an excellent option for senior citizens that are not capable of performing certain daily activities alone but are independent enough that they do not require constant care. Always Best Care’s assisted living referral services begin with a free consultation with the senior citizen and their families in which we will assess the senior citizen’s proper care needs. These consultations occur in the homes of our clients and include a free in home safety check as well. We use this information to come up with the top two or three assisted living options in the near Chicago suburbs and present this list of communities to the potential client and their families. In order to help clients make a well-informed decision, we also arrange visits to each community in which a representative of Always Best Care will accompany the client and their family to each community. We have formed professional partnerships with the assisted living communities of the area that accommodate us for this service, allowing us to offer it to you free of charge.

Assisted living communities exist in several forms to provide varying degrees of care depending on the needs of their residents and the size of their community. In the most general terms, an assisted living program is a state licensed program offered within residential or retirement communities meant to help its residents with daily living activities. Daily living activities can include meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, medication reminders, and certain degrees of medical care depending on individual needs. There are two main types of assisted living programs; the first one occurs within a retirement community that provides all types of senior care in addition to assisted living. Seniors in assisted living programs in this setting are housed in units where they can live mostly independently while receiving the necessary care and assistance they need. The other main type of assisted living program occurs on a smaller scale in traditional homes that have been converted to provide care. These types of programs offer more intimate care because there are fewer residents which allow the caregiver to give more attention to each resident. These assisted living programs provide assistance with daily activities and personal care, communal meals, 24 hour supervision, health services, and domestic services within the home. Seniors within these homes may share common areas of the home but will have fewer social opportunities than seniors in larger retirement communities.

Choosing the right assisted living program for yourself or a loved one that will comfortably accommodate yours or their needs is a stressful, overwhelming decision. Always Best Care’s free assisted living referral services are meant to alleviate the stress with this decision by helping clients find the right program to accommodate their individual care needs. We will match clients not only with assisted living programs in the Palos Park area, but with communities throughout the entire Chicago area. If you believe you or a loved one may benefit from our assisted living referral services, contact our Palos Park office to set up a free consultation.