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When the time has come for moving a family member to senior residential community, knowing where to start looking and how to select the best option can be challenging, especially at a time that is bound to be filled with emotions for everyone involved. There are so many options for senior residential living and each person has unique needs and preferences – what’s right for one individual may not be a good fit for another.

To help families facing this situation, we offer a personalized and complimentary referral service to help identify the best senior community option for their loved one. We do this because we’ve been there – we know first hand how overwhelming it can be. For Sam Breden, business development manager, it was her Nana’s Alzheimer’s journey.

Photo of Nana

Nana – the family matriarch

“My Nana had a quiet strength – she was the matriarch of our family. But I remember things starting to change with her when I was in high school. What I remember most is my dad and aunts noticing Nana (their mom) becoming more and more forgetful, unsteady and unsafe. The shift from her taking care of all of us to her family needing to step in and assist her threw us all; even as a teenager on the outskirts of what was happening I felt confused and like our family’s world was turning upside down. Years later, my dad shared with me how truly scary that time was for him and his sisters. They knew Nana needed to move to a community to be safe, but they didn’t know what kind of community or how to find the right one. The fact that she had always been in charge (her nickname was the Iron Horse) and didn’t want to move or her have kids telling her what to do made things even harder. My dad was heartbroken watching his mom decline and felt helpless because he couldn’t stop the disease and didn’t know where to turn for help. All the while knowing that Nana wasn’t safe living alone anymore and worrying that she might inadvertently do something to hurt herself or her neighbors.”

“It took me some time to process through that journey with Nana. I started working in senior communities to try and help families who were faced with a similar situation as my own. Before joining the Always Best Care team, I spent 25 years in several area senior communities providing families with resources so that they felt better equipped to make the best decision for their loved one when looking to find them a new home.

What I love about being able to help families in this way at Always Best Care is that I don’t represent a specific senior community. Every person’s journey is different – what someone is going through physically and emotionally and what is most important to them at the time is so unique. Hearing a family’s story, what is going on and what is critical when making a decision, and being able to dove-tail that with my experience in senior housing to come up with meaningful options, is so rewarding.

I can take all the legwork of calling communities to find out pricing, services, amenities, availability etc. off of a family member’s plate. Sometimes families just need that information to them get started. Other times, I arrange for community visits and go with families as an extra set of eyes and ears. My goal is to give families the resources and tools that they need to feel confident in making the best decision for them. I am as involved, or not involved, as a family wants me to be.

I do not want any family to feel as lost as mine did – that is my mission.”

Photo of Nana and Sam

Nana and Sam – high school graduation

Who Uses This Service

This complimentary referral service is available to everyone – you don’t have to be a current Always Best Care client.

Many of our referral clients are adult children. They reach out to us when it’s time for a parent to move from their home to a senior community. They want guidance in finding a place where their parent will be comfortable and that will give them peace of mind knowing their parent is in good hands. We can also help seniors who need to transition from one senior community to a different type of community due to a change

We’re Here to Help You

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