Boosting Senior Health and Wellbeing Through Companionship Services

With old age comes isolation and loneliness that can eventually lead to depression. Most seniors lose touch with friends and loved ones due to restricted mobility and less engagement with the community. Once a person advances in age, the chances are that he or she might not be able to drive or have problems getting around. This will make it impossible for them to interact with friends and family as much as they would have loved to.

Results from a study done in 2009 stated that individuals who had less social connections had a higher chance of suffering from depression, anxiety and heart disease. It also showed that loneliness was one of the main contributing factors of suicide, accidents, and deaths caused by heart diseases.

Never underestimate the services offered in Glenview by a caregiver to seniors. These companionship services make them feel cared for and more involved. The regular contact with the caregiver evolves into a friendship, and a natural bond is eventually nurtured. Many seniors look forward to spending time with their caregivers for they find comfort in knowing that someone out there still cares about them. This is why in-home care services are vital to the health of seniors.

Reduced loneliness

Time spent with caregivers helps many seniors overcome loneliness and isolation. A caregiver will take them out on outings, plan for activities with them and accompany them to special functions and events. They will even go with them to lunch. Their much needed help around the home goes a long way in ensuring that the elderly are well taken care of, motivated and less bored.

Mental stimulation

It is important for the brain to remain active. This importance is much needed among the elderly as a measure of preventing amnesia and dementia. An active mind is a healthy mind. With a caregiver, seniors can enjoy mind-stimulating games such as scrabbles, puzzles and bridge. These games engage different parts of the brain, hence helping seniors make use of their planning, organization, problem-solving and creative thinking abilities.

Nostalgic conversations

As one gets old, good memories are what makes life worth living at times. What is even better is having someone to talk about such memories with. Elderly people have a lot of stories to share. A caregiver will give a listening ear, laugh with them, show interest and ask them questions about how life used to be. Such conversations are what keeps some seniors going.

Physically active

Part of a caregiver’s job description is encouraging a healthy workout plan for a senior. They will keep the elderly more active by walking with them, helping them and ensuring that they are safe from any hazards.

Peace of mind

The companionship services offered by caregivers provides most families with a sense of peace. Many parents go back home with a peace of mind knowing that their loved one will be well taken care of. Many will be relieved knowing that their loved one will no longer be spending time alone for there will be someone to listen and laugh with them. For additional companionship, you can also get your loved one’s a pet. Most seniors adore their dogs and cats for they are great listeners. They also give them purpose and a feeling of being needed.


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