Meet the Team

Photo of Charmaine Conaghan

Charmaine Conaghan

Owner and Executive Director

Charmaine Conaghan is the Owner and Executive Director of Always Best Care North Shore. A long time Glenview resident, Charmaine and her husband Casey opened the doors to Always Best Care North Shore in 2011 as a way to give back to their community. The youngest of six children, Charmaine grew up in a large family that instilled an appreciation and respect for older adults in her from her an early age. An advocate for seniors and caregivers alike, Charmaine’s mission is to create a culture where clients, families and caregivers all feel respected and are treated with dignity. Charmaine is deeply connected to her community, friends and family and enjoys spending time with each of them; especially her husband and five children and new daughter in law.

Photo of Donna Connelly

Donna Connelly

Director of Client Care

Donna draws on her wealth of experience both personally and professionally in her role as the Director of Client Care. Donna decided to become a professional caregiver several years ago after caring for her sister during her battle with cancer so that she could use what she had learned from her sister’s journey and continue to give back to others. Professionally, Donna’s role expanded in her 4 years with a previous agency from caregiver to include hiring, onboarding, transitions, scheduling, paperwork, regulatory compliance, sales, marketing and educational presentations. She brought all of that experience with her to Always Best Care when she joined Charmaine in October 2012. Donna is driven by a passion to serve others and to make a difference which is evident in everything that she does. When not with clients and caregivers, Donna enjoys time with her family; especially making memories with her six grandchildren.

Photo of Cynthia Massey

Cynthia Massey

Scheduling Manager

Cynthia’s higher education and previous experience as a caregiver gave her the training and experience to excel as our Scheduling Manager. Driven to make a difference, Cynthia chose home care and joined our team in 2019. She did so to be a part of a process that provides older adults with the support they need to live day-to-day in the comfort of their own homes. “No two days are the same” Cynthia shares, “I love knowing that I have a direct impact on the quality of life on our clients.” When not using her scheduling brain to serve our clients and caregivers, Cynthia enjoys exploring new restaurants and spending time with family and friends.

Photo of Ashlie O’Donnell

Ashlie O’Donnell

Scheduling Coordinator

Ashlie joined the Always Best Care North Shore team in 2019 initially as a PRN (on call) caregiver. Her prior experience as a professional Certified Nurse Assistant in a senior community as well as a technician in a pediatrician office gave Ashlie the skills and perspective to grown into the roles of Administrative Assistant and now Scheduling Coordinator. Always drawn to a role in the healthcare field, Ashlie enjoys getting to know our clients and families, making connections and knowing her efforts are making a positive difference. In her free time, Ashlie enjoys time with family and friends; especially her two daughters Mylah and Zoraya and is getting ready to welcome baby #3 into her family.

Photo of Suzanne Welsch

Suzanne Welsch

Office Coordinator

Suzanne joined the Always Best Care team in March 2021, bringing with her five years of home care experience as a Caregiver, Scheduling Coordinator and Client Service Manager. A native of New York, Suzanne moved to Northbrook when she was ten years old and has spent the rest of her time on the North Shore. She obtained a Bachelors Degree from National Louis University in Applied Behavioral Science. Suzanne chose to become a professional caregiver, earning her Certified Nursing Assistant Certification, after taking care of her mother who had dementia for several years until she passed away. Suzanne draws on her personal and professional experience to connect with both clients and caregivers. “I love connecting with the clients to ensure that they are well taken care of and being able to engage with them. I also like working with the caregivers and try to make sure that the match is a good one between the caregiver and the client.” Suzanne continues “I love training caregivers on dementia so that they are well equipped to handle any situation involving clients’ quality of life; their quality of life is the most important thing. Clients like to keep their dignity as they get older and usually don’t want help from anyone. But it is imperative that their dignity and their quality of life is maintained as best as possible.” When not supporting the Always Best Care team, clients and families, Suzanne enjoys going to the theatre, movies, dining out, cooking and spending quality time with friends.

Photo of Sam Breden

Sam Breden

Business Development Manager

Sam (Samantha) joined the Always Best Care team in August 2020 after 25 years in senior communities; initially as a music therapist, then therapeutic recreation, and with most of her time in sales and marketing. After initially working with children with special needs, Sam chose to work with older adults as her Nana developed, and progressed, through her dementia process. “I remember how lost and heartbroken my dad and my aunts felt. They knew Nana needed help, but they didn’t know what to do or where to start. I don’t ever want a family to feel as lost as mine did.”, Sam shares. Drawing on her years of experience and network of trusted, like-minded colleagues, Sam enjoys working with families to make sure they have the information and resources they need to make the best decision for them. In her free time, Sam and her husband can usually be found on a field or in the stands cheering on one of their daughters or enjoying the company of friends and family.